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Three days prior to its planned impact on a lunar mountain, mission controllers activated the camera aboard one of NASA’s GRAIL twins to take some final photos from lunar orbit.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

GRAIL’s mission site:


Yes, we are still here. Feeding cats to fusion reactors and coming up with YO MAMA’S SO BACKLOGGED gags * that amused nobody, apparently, but hey, there are lots of ways to swing for the trees, the important part is to keep swinging—swing something, my hearties, do anything, do something—just keep doing it. Doing it every day helps. You’ll outlast the doubt, you’ll see. Just keep doing it.

I am several posts behind: shit I just have say share talk about, etc. It’s coming. Some news, too. As soon as I can, you’ll read it here first. Sort of.

It’s Saturday, January 12. Good morning. We have all survived another Zero Moon. And happy birthday, Rob Zombie.

*  @simondrax 


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