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Timelapse of Boston’s nemopocalypse

I pointed my camera out my window for the blizzard of 2013, called by some NEMO. I started the timelapse at 2PM, shortly after the first snow started falling, and stopped it thirty hours later, once the sun had set and the bulk of the cleanup was done. The camera took a photo every minute, which (at 30fps) means you’re seeing an hour every two seconds.

Apologies for the slight discontinuities — I had to unmount the camera from the tripod to swap batteries every six hours or so. I started with the tripod upright, but once the sun went down the camera began auto-focusing on the droplets of water on the window instead of the street. I solved this by tilting the tripod so the camera was too close to the window to focus on it; that’s why the angle jumps around a little in the beginning.

And, apparently, I don’t know how dates work. That should be Friday, 2/8/13 to Saturday, 2/9/13, of course.

(That’s me waving at the camera for a few frames around 0:33.)

via bb


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