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IT’S ALIVE — Ramones LIVE @ Rainbow 1977, mofos

Hey Ho. Let’s go.



Voodoo Chile — Jimi Hendrix / Gayageum version by Luna

Gayageum, wiki | LUNA LEE





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HELLO, BEAUTIFUL [“Stay, Beautiful” a Love Song to the Departing Moon featuring Imaginary Lyrics by the Late Stuart Adamson, a Prose Music Video by Simon Drax]


Image: Moon by ~Eredel

Stay, Beautiful

a prose music video by Simon Drax | late winter 2013

Fade in:

A lone man in workboots and factory overalls struggles through a snow-covered apocalyptic wasteland, dropping his tools and bags as he trudges to the top of a hill which he reaches with terrible effort; he gasps for air as he is bathed in the light of the full Moon, a perfect and bright world of craters and mountains and dead black seas, cradled in a wide and open and star-filled sky. The man drops a hammer, then swings out his last tool, a guitar. We see now he is the sad and wizened and risen revenant of Stuart Adamson, late of the band Big Country and late of this plane for more than eleven years now. His hand slashes the strings of his guitar and the risen dead Stuart Adamson sings to the Moon:

We knew the Moon would leave us soon

We knew the Earth had grown too cold

We knew the ice would fill the scars we’d sown

[preemptive blast of rapid fire Adamson guitar]

We knew all this with frozen hearts and heads of stone

[2nd big blast of Adamson guitar, ending with a flourish, then a steady tick-tick-tick]:

Yet still we prayed and still we sang

For the grey hills of our dreams

For She may forgive and love us still

And we may glow and burn again

In the sky, lips to hips and hand to hand,

oh Stay oh


[Big rip of the guitar]

And as the dead Stuart Adamson sings to the Moon She swells in the sky, coming closer, and then a lovely woman’s face is superimposed over the valleys and crags of the now-huge Moon, and she gazes down at Dead Stuart as he sings his song. A story is visually told—two lovers, two worlds, once in love, but now one world has lost its way and has begun to resemble too-closely the stark and bleak features of the loving but fickle Muse/Moon; She has loved the Earth for centuries, but she will be leaving, now. And She will not be coming back.

BUT as the story is told and the song is sung, the beautiful woman in the Moon is not entirely unswayed; her eyes pool with compassion as Dead Stuart blasts out the last of his plea:

We knew we’d kill our own green hills

But we can make it right again, I know

I will die again (and then) and when my blood

Has spilled

[big descending scale]

And we may glow and burn again

In the sky, lips to hips and hand to hand,

oh Stay oh


[Big final blast of the guitar]

Dead Stuart falls to his knees, gazes up. The Moon looks down at him, eyes full of pity, even love—and slowly, sadly, she shakes her head


And she zooms away like the receding eye of a tunnel, and is gone from the brittle and cold sky.

Dead Stuart falls backward, then moves no more.

The motes swirl above the barren landscape and we


*  *  *

— Notes —

• I completely did not listen to a stitch of Big Country while writing this.

• The lyrics could loosely be read to the beat of “Wonderland” or “Remembrance Day” or “The Teacher.”

• For the first half of writing this, I listened to this.



Daughter – “Love” (Live from St Giles in the Fields Church)

Evil Bunny says, “Get used to seeing vids and posts and links and stuff for this band via all channels Drax, oh yeah.” (But if you are impatient for more of DAUGHTER, just visit them on youtube.)


Ashtray Chat Photography

A Holiday Classic! “One last time, Evil Bunny’s gonna tell you how it’s gonna be, got it?”


Easter memories to treasure forever…



Short Film: KARA


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Only the wavering shadows — a new mix by ghoulnextdoor


Only the wavering shadows | ghoulnextdoor | 8tracks
image: ‘Kindred’, Wendy Given

Track List:

Phantom Limb, Frankenpine | He Is No Earthly Man, Ellen Mary McGee | Candles, Daughter | Til The Dawn, The Dinner Belles | Caravan, Passenger | You My Love, Marcus Foster | In Memoriam, The Oh Hellos | Alpha Shallows, Laura Marling | Where Do My Bluebird Fly, The Tallest Man on Earth | Stole You Away, Benjamin Francis Leftwich | Two Tombstones, Widower | Three Pieces, Bella Hardy | Black Dress, O’Death | Nobody in the World, The Honey Dewdrops


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“I seen shit that shocked the eyelids.” MIRACLES by Insane Clown Posse

Yeah, I still believe in miracles. I have @TheRealGarySand to thank for selecting this song, which I never would have heard in my frigging life, ever. Thank you, Gary. Good morning.


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Cool Pictures of Writers I Like


SAM WELLER at Stonehenge

Sam Weller is the author of The Bradbury Chronicles: The Life of Ray Bradbury. He has lectured across the United States on the life and work of Bradbury. Weller is the former Midwest Correspondent for Publishers Weekly magazine. He has written forThe Paris Review and NPR’s All Things Considered, and was a host for the Chicago Public Radio program Hello Beautiful! A frequent literary critic for the Chicago TribuneChicago Sun-Times and, Weller is also a professor in the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago.



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Kit Reed

KIT REED, author of Son of Destruction is about the toxicity of buried truths. It is also about psychic powers, although to the very last line the reader is kept guessing as to whether these actually exist in the world of this novel – or are merely the product of coincidence.— James Lovegrove in The Financial Times


Simon Drax holding Nick Mamatas High

Nick Mamatas is the author of the Lovecraftian Beat road novel Move Under Ground, which was nominated for both the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild awards, the Civil War ghost story Northern Gothic, also a Stoker nominee, the suburban nighmare novel Under My Roof, and over thirty short stories and hundreds of articles (some of which were collected in 3000 Miles Per Hour in Every Direction at Once). His work has appeared in Razor, Village Voice, Spex, Clamor, In These Times, Polyphony, several Disinformation and Ben Bella Books anthologies, and the books Corpse Blossoms, Poe’s Lighthouse, Before & After: Stories from New York, and Short and Sweet.

A native New Yorker, Nick now lives in the California Bay Area.


Photo: Daishin Stephenson

BARRY GRAHAM is a novelist, journalist, poet and Zen teacher from Glasgow, Scotland. He has been based in the U.S. since 1995, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of more than a dozen books and has written for a diversity of magazines and newspapers, including Harper’s, Flaunt, Parabola, Las Vegas Life, The Arizona Republic and Scotland on Sunday.