Kristine Barrett — Eulogies — plus New Work


Kristine Barrett wrote: As the album’s title suggests, Eulogies is a series of farewells and celebrations; endings followed by beginnings: death and birth. Often we understand the value and weight of a thing by witnessing its passing or transformation. And in some cases, the passing is an opportunity for liberation from ideas/beings that have been oppressive; in others, it can be an awakening to the love of a thing we never truly appreciated. In turn, by eulogizing what has passed, its essence becomes integrated with our own. We internalize it and are thus transformed ourselves.

Listeners can offer Kristine what they wish for Eulogies at BANDCAMP.

New Work is also coming, soon:


An otherworldly collection of new and ancient songs from around the world. 

The full length album will be available mid April 2013. 

“There is a place I go to in the Marin Headlands where I remember things from another life. I am filled with joy and homesickness for a place, for a body I have not known for these thousand years. When I look to the sea, it is the same. I am homesick. 

We are born. With our breath, the spirits of air and of place drift through our transient bodies. Ancestors and memory course through our veins, taking up residence in the very marrow of our animal being. Spirit accumulates over the course of our lives. It surrounds us: the waters, the trees, a forest, a spider, a hill. We move between worlds. 

The impetus of this album began out of grief. I was deeply and fundamentally broken. I was stripped and gutted. It was enough to eat and to sleep. One night I found myself begging the universe, god, goddess, anything to give me rest. I was visited by a luminous woman. She touched my chest, and I could see into my inmost being. From the darkness of that gaping hole immerged a flower. It was illuminated. As it bloomed it became more radiant, luminous, beautiful. It became a music in my body. Out of the depths of my grief sprang the depths of my love. 

The spirits that sang to me in the night reside in this music.”

Music written & arranged by Kristine Barrett


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