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I Need to Rip All This Shit Off My Wall. Also, I Must go ZERO SIGNAL, Again

MY DESK at 9am

Sad pretty young women and monsters and scribbled trinkets from my kids and reminders of bills I haven’t paid— I need to rip this shit from my field of vision and do. And do and do and do.

Things I still haven’t done:

GOODBYE, BEAUTIFUL: My Tribute to Gerry Anderson, which I started on December 26 2012, the day of his death. I got all tangled up! Childhood memories, rockets and dreams. It’ll be good, I think. Eventually. Really. There won’t be a dry eye in the house after the Stingray sequence!

A Review of Barry Graham’s IT ALL COMES DOWN TO DUST: One of the most heartbreaking novels I’ve ever read.

A Review of the New BIG COUNTRY album, THE JOURNEY. Talk about tangled emotions!

Movies: I wanted to write reviews of Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS and Don Coscarelli’s JOHN DIES AT THE END — I liked one MUCH more than the other — but which one?! (We’ll probably never know. Who cares?)

ONE LAST BLAST OF HEXES: The Lockdown—BOSTON! This shit was just so mindblowing, visually and conceptually. I really wanted to talk about it. But I’ve just run out of time: Here’s the cover from last week, and the beginning of the photo essay I wanted to assemble:


Image: “Psyche Weeping” by kinuko Y craft


Lockdown Boston will be a gallery of photographs, links, and commentaries about the unprecedented “lockdown” of the city of Boston and its immediate suburbs which was the equivalent of martial law that effectively enforced millions to STAY INSIDE and DO NOT LEAVE on Friday, April 19, 2013.



Via  @julianahatfield 

The following six photos are cribbed from








There are already many arguments for and against, and many were fascinated and horrified by the actions and realities of Friday, April 19 2013.

You can find them anywhere. Here, however, we are pleased to welcome the oft-missing writer of his own own website, the increasingly craggy


Thank you. Well, the news we woke to on Friday, April 19 was nothing short of surreal—the two suspected bombers of the Boston Marathon had been identified, made the focus of a sudden intense manhunt, and in short order the suspects committed murder and carjacking; they were pursued, cornered, lobbed explosives at police, exchanged multiple rounds w/ said police, then attempted to surrender but it was only a ruse: the would-be surrenderer had explosives strapped to his body and the Boston Blue lit him up boom boom boom and the surviving other suspect DROVE OVER HIS BROTHER’S BODY IN A HAIL OF GUNFIRE AND ELUDED CAPTURE, later calling police to politely tell them, “You killed my brother, I will kill you all,” and remained at large as the east coast staggered awake Friday morning to a city that blared STAY IN YOUR HOMES. SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED. PUBLIC TRANSIT IS CLOSED…

Yeah, well, it would have been good — There are so many issues to talk about — but like everything else we will ever attempt, there will never EVER be enough time and optimum energy to do it “right,” and now The Legion of Drax must move on to do something else, no promise or glory of “right,” but it is time TO DO.

It is time to DO SOMETHING.

If seeking entertainment and enlightenment —

• The astonishing MLLE GHOUL has made brilliant sad heartbreaking mixes in the last week

• Storm Thorgeson died. John Coulthart payed tribute

• Warren Ellis’ renewed SPEKTRMODULE mixes (18, 19, 20) continues to amaze


I was so fucking unimpressed with the recent super HAUNTOLOGY episode of Doctor Who, “Hide.” It was like George Lucas strolled in and said, Let’s spend a million bucks on every shot and concept and make it as Mickey Mouse as possible. Yep, that is my review. It was dumb, and it played to the lowest bottom feeder of every trope it rolled out. Dumb stupid obvious but worst of all—NOT SCARY. Duh! It’s scary first, a fashion show second, if ever.



NOT out of nowhere. At year’s turn I swore to Satan that I would write a sober, serious, comprehensive review of Mamatas’ SENSATION after being fucking utterly befuddled and frustrated by all the limp and lifeless commentaries by the best and worst minds of “our generation,” including Lavie Tidhar and Requires Only That You Hate. I still haven’t written it. I suck! But this piece at the publisher’s site is pretty good.

and finally,

We Will Dance Until We Die

“I am the Pope of Paganism!” Ha ha ha, yes— and I was just bitching about the fucking BBC feeding off the bottom-feeders—but I love this song and video. Sometimes we need the equivalent of Star Wars, you know? Big and dumb and bright, but somehow the “right” thing when “we” need it.

Sign off soon. Love you all. TRYING TO, anyway.


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