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Music: DARKNESS OF THE DOCTOR, a repeat in anticipation of PYRAMIDS OF MARS


Music: Click, Play. Darkness of the Doctor

When I wrote my own (puny, humble) Doctor Who story featuring the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker and his companion Sarah Jane Smith as played by Elisabeth Sladen—it was the angry Time Lord we saw in Pyramids of Mars, Genesis of the Daleks, and Seeds of Doom that I envisioned as the Doctor of my story—ANGRY! Not willing to accept Apocalypse, no matter the cost to the immediate material around him— not the planet, not the people, not even beloved Sarah— even though SUTEK THE DESTROYER was the Apocalypse, the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker gave us a sense his eyes had already beheld the end of time; that doomsday was already a fucking forgone conclusion— BUT — tragic as that all might be — there was no way a punk like Sutek, or Morbieus, or even the Daleks— there was no way the Doctor was going to let them play the last card. He is a Time Lord. He’s seen it all before.


The Doctor will fight for every last breath of every living creature—even though he knows he can’t save them all. It was Baker’s furious scientist/mage we see in Pyramids of Mars that fueled my little story— and, I think, allowed Chris Eccleston in 2005 to show some long witheld fury, and consequently slipped passage to many other storylines—almost all of which were royally fucked by the current creative team. But that’s another war.

Some pics of the Doc and Sarah Jane from Pyramids of Mars




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