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New Feature on the Drax Twit: THE DAILY BOOKSHOT

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The concept is simple: Every day, I grab a book from somewhere—usually from my house—and take a picture of it. Lazy screen-grabs from the internetz are not allowed; it has to be a physical book, or an eBook shot from the screen—but it has to be a real book in my possession, touch, or interest—The Daily Bookshot.

Previous entries include The Wind in The Door, The War in Heaven, The Book of End Times, The Sound of Waves, The King’s Indian, and more. Follow at @simondrax and/or the hashtag #dailybookshot,

There’s a world multiverse of ideas and passions and dreams in print and pixels out there. Let’s read ’em. Let’s share. Let’s push it forward. Long live books.


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May 30 1431 – Joan of Arc is Martyred

Jeanne d'Arc

Over two years after she won her historic victory against the English, Jeanne d’Arc or Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake for heresy on May 30, 1431. The Maid of Orléans, 19-year-old Joan was martyred following an inquisition headed by Bishop Pierre Cauchon. Joan of Arc was later beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920 and is now regarded as one of the patron saints of France.


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A dynamic song by the passionate, fiery, high-octane ZALI KRISHNA.


Sufi Krishna says:

The track Proxima Boogie is a sneak preview of the forthcoming album Saint Alpha, which may be Zali Krishna’s thirty-first album, maybe his thirty-second… He’s too busy recording them to count. Proxima Boogie is an update of the classic Tlentilfini Boogie from 2005(ish) which appeared on the Nand Gate album and has been reinvented live on too many occasion to enumerate.

Krishna’s Main Site | Twitter


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Zaka Zaka Zaka BZZZZZZT! “—are you receiving this?! Do you read me—?!”

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Oh THERE you are. Sorry about the static and the volume; I was turning the wrong knob. So, HEY! It’s nice to see you. You look well. You look SMASHING.

And we are back on the air.

(We are also more or less back to where we were about six months ago but that’s okay, that’s really very totally okay: sometimes one must wander away from the camp and walk in the woods for a long time, not seeing the forest for the trees until finally finding one’s way back to where we started, “Back here again?!” But even if the coals are merely smoldering, it is a relief to discover that the original fire one set burns still.)

Back on the air. Hello again. More later.