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New Feature on the Drax Twit: THE DAILY BOOKSHOT

Photo on 2013-05-31 at 20.53

The concept is simple: Every day, I grab a book from somewhere—usually from my house—and take a picture of it. Lazy screen-grabs from the internetz are not allowed; it has to be a physical book, or an eBook shot from the screen—but it has to be a real book in my possession, touch, or interest—The Daily Bookshot.

Previous entries include The Wind in The Door, The War in Heaven, The Book of End Times, The Sound of Waves, The King’s Indian, and more. Follow at @simondrax and/or the hashtag #dailybookshot,

There’s a world multiverse of ideas and passions and dreams in print and pixels out there. Let’s read ’em. Let’s share. Let’s push it forward. Long live books.


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