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“The Spirits in my Blood Sing to Me at Night” by Kristine Barrett


An otherworldly collection of new and ancient songs from around the world. 

“There is a place I go to in the Marin Headlands where I remember things from another life. I am filled with joy and homesickness for a place, for a body I have not known for these thousand years. When I look to the sea, it is the same. I am homesick. 

We are born. With our breath, the spirits of air and of place drift through our transient bodies. Ancestors and memory course through our veins, taking up residence in the very marrow of our animal being. Spirit accumulates over the course of our lives. It surrounds us: the waters, the trees, a forest, a spider, a hill. We move between worlds.”


released 04 June 2013 
music written & arranged by kristine barrett 

kristine barrett, voice piano drums processing 
meredith yayanos, violin 
luis maurette, drums & signal processing {tracks 1, 3, 6} 
agnes szelag, cello {track 1} 

mastered by myles boisen at headless buddha mastering lab, oakland california 

album artwork by kristine barrett


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