DOES NATURE HATE US?! ( really, i don’t think so ) — sexy photo — thank the goddess and thank the photons

power_of_nature_I_by_ilcato (1)

eyjaby ~ilcato

Photography / People & Portraits / Artistic Nude ©2010-2013 ~ilcato

· self-portrait · [!]

3.5 km far from the eruption on Iceland. It was the closest point you are allowed to reach the vulcano Eyjafallajökull. Incredible sound and view. I so enjoyed listening to the power of nature. I found it really beautiful!

Stay tuned for more from this model/artist. Me thinketh mein essay WITCHES AND ROPE is about to earn its own “issue” of HEXES. Fuck NUMINOSIS. I’ve given fucking Jason what’s-his-name so much linkage and airtime for YEARS and he’s never even dropped me an email, a tweet, a star, a favorite, nada, zip, nothing. I’m not bitter — I’m into beauty. There are forces bigger than us. So mote it be.


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