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LOVE IS THE LAW, a new novel coming this fall from Nick Mamatas — Special Alternate Cover Gallery by The Creep in the Art Department


Warren Ellis author of GUN MACHINE and CROOKED LITTLE VEIN writes: “Absolutely, perversely brilliant… a fucked-up piece of work.”

In 1989, punk-rock girl “Golden” Dawn has crafted an outsider’s life combining the philosophies of Communism and Aleister Crowley’s black magic. One fateful day she finds the dead body of her mentor in both politics and magick shot in the head, seemingly a suicide. But Dawn knows there’s more going on than the Long Island cops could ever hope to uncover. In setting out to find the murderer herself, she will encounter dark and twisted truths for which no book, study, or basement show could have prepared her. Award-winning prose author Nick Mamatas crafts a raw, hilarious, original mystery!

The Creep in the Art Department felt compelled to create alternate covers for LOVE IS THE LAW








Nick writes: Why not pre-order a copy? Things From Another World is the publisher-preferred e-retailer. Amazon has it so cheap that for Amazon Prime customers they’ll lose money selling it.


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