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Richard Matheson, RIP

Matheson_for TZ


Richard Matheson was unquestionably one of the most influential writers of the 20th Century. His stories ignited the imagination of generations of writers, including this one. Everyone in the “fantastic,” writing, and film communities are devastated by his loss tonight.

Harlan Ellison said, If there is anyone out there who didn’t know I worshipped him, from his first story, “Born of Man and Woman” (which I read the day it was published back in 1950), to his second story, “Witch War,” on through every book–western, mystery, fantasy–for a supernova lifetime of writing mentioned in the same breath with Poe and Borges, then they haven’t read my many encomia to Richard’s singular top-of-the-mountain talent. I called Ruth, to weep, and got Ally, whom I used to date, and her brother, Dick’s son, Richard Christian, and was barely able to gasp out the usual irrelevancies. Frankly, I am downsmashed.


When god made Matheson he broke the mold. He will never be equalled, or forgotten, or unread.

Rest in Peace, Ye Mighty.


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