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CYBERSTORM the soundtrack: complete tracklist and links


Original illustration by Masamuni Shiro

MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, a few warped individuals with a taste for the quaint actually sort of enjoyed Cyberstorm, the ancient comic I made with my friend Bill in the summer of 1987. One enthusiast claimed he could easily imagine the snyth-laden 80’s soundtrack as he scrolled through 14 pages of “heavy metal heart throbbing action.” Well, ask and ye shall receive, young one, for such a soundtrack already exists and has been collecting dust for a heart throbbing 26 years! Heavy on the synths and sounding very sci-fi and action-packed indeed, recorded on very un-glorious and oh-so-easily-damaged magnetic cassette tape.


Looks clean but she has quite the magnetic wobble.


1. RUSH, Red Sector A

2. Robert Tepper, There’s No Easy Way Out

3. James Horner, ALIENS: “Futile Escape” [at 3:05]

4.  Jean-Michel Jarre, Rendez-Vous [2:54 — 13:50]

5. RUSH, Afterimage

6. Giorgio Moroder, CAT PEOPLE: “Paul’s Theme / To the Bridge”

7. Stuart Adamson, Restless Natives [not same version as on 1987 mix]

8. RUSH, Distant Early Warning

9. RUSH, The Enemy Within

Ah, how can I explain the sins of 22 year-old DJ Drax…

I wanted a certain, unified sound with some “real rock” for the killer battle scenes and such (and the planned delusional music videos, from THE MOVIE, which everyone would love, and Bill and I would be wicked mega rich, etc), so I stuck with RUSH, whose most recent album at the time, Grace Under Pressure, was wall-to-wall “action” and “science fiction” and I wanted the soundtrack to sound “like that.” You know, the George Lucas method. George points and says, “Like this! Copy this!” Oh, that’s not fair.

Anyway. Enjoy.


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