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A Double Dose of Mlle Ghoul: A New Mix and TEN QUESTIONS ANSWERED


► This place is cursed by ghoulnextdoor | 8tracks  
Image by ~KittieGrave on deviantART

Track list:

Creeper, True Widow | Spiderwood Farm, Purson | Parsonz Curse, Royal Thunder | Uhrijuhla, Seremonia | Don’t Breathe A Word, Bloody Hammers | Children’s Music, Blood Drive | Take My Bones Away, Baroness | Wires, Red Fang | Goodbye Gemini, Blood Ceremony | The Mouths Of Madness, Orchid | Astral Sabbat, Jess And The Ancient Ones | Luna Moth Speaks, Jex Thoth | For The King, Year Of The Goat | The Thousandfold Epicentre, The Devil’s Blood | To Her Darkness, In Solitude | I’ll Cut You Down, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

We have been told by trusted sources that a certain unprolific writer of wrecked and ruined worlds hovered in the DJ’s heart as she assembled this astonishing mix. We are touched beyond belief. Metalheads and Doomboys rejoice; this Bud’s for you.



I was tagged by the wonderfully clever frenchtwist to answer a few questions, see below. There are some rules here, like adding 10 questions of my own and tagging 10 additional people to answer them…but I am lazy. I only added four questions at the end. And whomever so desires can consider themselves tagged to answer them…because I feel guilty about just picking a handful of people (also because I am nosy and want to know everything about everyone!)  

1. What is your earliest childhood memory?

Awaking, terrified, from a dream during which a vampire was insistently ringing my doorbell.  I think this is because of a Scooby Doo episode I had seen earlier in the day.  I had fallen asleep with my face toward the wall, and for years later I was convinced that sleeping facing the wall caused nightmares.

2. What movie would you cast yourself in and as what character?

While I love frightening movies, I certainly would not wish to be cast in one!  I think I should like to be Heidi, in some version of Heidi.  I’ve always thought sleeping in a hayloft gazing at the stars seemed like the loveliest thing in the world.

3. Which food can’t you live without?

Crackers.  I do love me some crackers.  Especially when reading a trashy horror story.  I probably have shelves and shelves of books full of fossilized cracker crumbs.

4. Do you consider spending time alone a blessing or a curse?

I do need my time alone, but having spent a great deal of time alone for a good many years, I realize I do need friendly companionship as well.  Time alone is still definitely a blessing.

5. Would you rather make a romantic meal for your lover or have them do it for you?

While I do enjoy cooking quite a bit, that also sounds like a great deal of pressure for perfection.  I’d rather have them cook for me so I can appreciate the meal and the company and the romance, anxiety free.  I guess that’s rather selfish.

6. If you’re a guest in someone’s home, do you look in their medicine cabinet?

I’d be tempted to, but I’d worry that somehow they would find out and be upset with me for it.  So…probably not, unless they told me to grab something from there and then I’d have a legitimate reason for poking around.

7. How old were you when you had your first real kiss?

I think I was 13. It was gross and I felt like I was choking to death.  Ugh!

8. Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors or forward in time to meet your descendents?

 I think there is a better chance of meeting the folks I came from rather than the folks I probably would not be creating.  I believe I am descended rather ordinary stock, thoroughly unremarkable with regard to adventure and fame, however I would still love to hear stories about their life and times.

9. Who is your favorite author?

Growing up it was Stephen King, but in recent years I would probably have to say Algernon Blackwood.  Currently it’s Robert Aickman, but I’m kind of fickle and that will undoubtedly change.

10. Why are you on Tumblr?

Honestly, I opened a tumblr account 4-5 years ago for a very silly reason.  And probably kind of boring to most folks.  But here goes!  At that time I was very active on polyvore (a sort of fashion collage site).  The site has a function that basically lets you “clip” images from anywhere on the internet to save them in your polyvore virtual closet.  At that time there were several sites that blocked this function, which I found very frustrating.  I had peeked in on a fellow polyvorian’s tumblr from time to time and I thought “Eureka!  I’ll create a tumblr account, post the images I want to tumblr, clip them from tumblr to polyvore, and I’ll have ingeniously solved my problem!”  And I did, and that did solve it very neatly.  After a few weeks I actually started poking around on tumblr and discovered some neat people who posted amazing things, and I think from there my focus shifted more to collecting art and making discoveries about the artists and less about polyvore -related acquisitions.  Over the years I think I have made many connnections and friendships that never would have been possible without this tumblr account, so I am grateful for my initial reason for being here, no matter how silly and shallow it might have been at the time!

Additional questions:

1. Tell me about your favourite scent and why.
2. What is a myth or folk tale that resonates with you?
3. What is the most wonderful aspect of the part of the world you live in?
4. What are you listening to currently that you would recommend without hesitation?


Drax: What are you waiting for? Answer her questions. Not often a priestess takes the stage and engages with her audience.


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