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“Alas Vegas,” Stunning Tarot illustrations by John Coulthart for a Vegas-themed role-playing game





Now, I think John Coulthart walks on water, okay? Brilliant designer, outstanding draftsman, super-swell generous guy into wicked nifty stuff, etc. But I have to admit when he mentioned a few months ago that he was working on a Tarot project, my blood didn’t boil with enthusiasm; it didn’t even simmer. What’s he going to bring to the Tarot table? thought I, because I am a warped frustrated old man, bitter about the power I used to wield with the deck, long fled, long gone. Well. Then I saw John’s designs for the 21 Trumps and the exclamation Holy shit my eyes are melting was woefully inadequate, as you can see from the samples above. John’s imagination and invention has never been stronger than what’s currently on display at his site and I am low and craven cur for ever doubting him.


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