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Transcribed from front flap copy:

This volume of fifteen stories, both science fiction and fantasy, introduces an up-and-coming author to the Gollancz SF list. Kit Reed is a very clever writer indeed, managing to achieve three-dimensional characterisation and valid atmosphere within a limited number of words—and she is brilliant at horror and irony.

Used copies of this excellent collection may be purchased here.


GUN MACHINE by fucking Warren Ellis, finally!

I know, right? This book pubbed on Jan 1st of this year. It’s already in paper. And I’m only getting to it now.

Warren Ellis reimagines New York City as a puzzle with the most dangerous pieces of all: GUNS.

After a shootout claims the life of his partner in a condemned tenement building on Pearl Street, Detective John Tallow unwittingly stumbles across an apartment stacked high with guns. When examined, each weapon leads to a different, previously unsolved murder. Someone has been killing people for twenty years or more and storing the weapons together for some inexplicable purpose.

Confronted with the sudden emergence of hundreds of unsolved homicides, Tallow soon discovers that he’s walked into a veritable deal with the devil. An unholy bargain that has made possible the rise of some of Manhattan’s most prominent captains of industry. A hunter who performs his deadly acts as a sacrifice to the old gods of Manhattan, who may, quite simply, be the most prolific murderer in New York City’s history.

Drax says: I so intensely hated the first four pages of this book it was sick—and this comes from an ardent WE fan and supporter. The first four pages are over-edited, hyper-cynical, cliché-ridden, and easily dismissed; the fact that GUN MACHINE entered The New York Times Bestseller List on its first week of publication both supports and refutes my estimation of this book’s opening pages: crass commercial clichéd crap. HOWEVER, once Warren the Mage has spilt the appropriate noise required to draw flocks of listeners, he slyly (and quickly) reveals magic and wonder and mystery, and I was hooked.

I am relieved that WE really is a good novelist. More power to him. Scope it.


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