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This is real.

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R E Q U I E M      F O R     A     B L A C K     C A T

My beloved and ancient black cat Flood died in June. He was about 18 years old, the longest-lived cat that I ever knew. Flood’s death was hardly unexpected, but it was still pretty sad. I had spent more than a third of my life with that damn cat. Flood and I had lived together in five separate locations—four apartments and one house—and he had shared his feline dominion of those various homes with a total of 8 other cats. (Human total, 6.)  And through it all Flood had been a steadfast familiar, staring out at danger and terror and uncertainty from the safety of the shadow he always found, his eyes wild and huge and unblinking, his poor coward’s heart pounding and pounding in the dark, my poor Flood. The killer black cat that slew all the human women and rattled every nervous child who crossed his path was in reality just a big pussy, he was a real ‘fraidy cat, my Flood.

It was okay. I kept his secret for the most part, I played down his cowardice. I nodded to the slain women who affectionately stroked him and told the hesitant children that yes, Flood is wonderful and friendly and so good with people but often I wished he were just a bit more Black Panther than Cowardly Lion. The fucking Black Cat was afraid of the dark.

“So what’s so terrifying?” I asked him. “What’s out there in the dark?” Everything Flood purred bugs ghosts sounds wind birds smells and other cats, mostly. He purred, he slept. Fucking cat. Some sidekick he was.

So I taught Flood a trick so he would always have a safe perch. I would hoist him to one shoulder and he would grab hold, catch his balance, and sort of sling-grip himself across my shoulders. I could get up, walk across the room, take a piss, come back, light a cigarette, etc, and Flood would still be sitting on my shoulders, digging in with his claws, sure, but purring loudly, oh yeah, he was getting to ride the smokey giant. This started when Flood was a kitten and continued for many years; I hadn’t performed this “trick” with Flood all that much in the last five, and in the final months of his life I had begun to lament that I did not have easy access to a photograph of Flood on my shoulders. (By the time he was 18 years old I would be damned if I would stage one with his old bones.) Anyway, this is a panel by Bernie Wrightson from Poe’s THE BLACK CAT, and Flood and I looked something like this:

Flood wasn’t a total wimp. He got turned on by spectacular escapes for purposes of exploration. In his prime he could leap like a goddamn mountain lion, long black flash sailing through the air. And he could charm everyone, the fuzzy black bastard. All except one person! My son, Damien. He was not crazy about Flood, oh no. Damien was not.

Flood stands guard over Damien

Damien didn’t like being rubbed or touched by Flood. Poor kid. The smallest and youngest need someone to kick. Anyway. As Flood grew weak in his final weeks, Damien often asked me what Flood would look like in the ground, once he was dead, as Damien was aware via my gently shared plans that we would take care of Flood until he was gone, and then we would have a funeral for him in the woods, with a grave so he and Dakota might visit Flood whenever they wished. “But what will he look like in the ground?” This satisfied him, sort of:

Then, Flood died.

Three Feet Down, Maybe

So Long, Buddy

†  †  †

So it’s all done, and the kids and the Warrior Woman go back to the house but I am hanging graveside for a bit, hanging with Flood, now a true ghost and shadow cat. The cross thing was a happy accident from the pieces of broken paving donated by my neighbor, THE CROSS was a touch the kids appreciated. I was more concerned about the stones preventing animals from digging up my poor cat. And speak of the devil, there came the crunch of an animal in the woods as I stood by Flood’s grave. It was a deer, circling around. Deer are very common where I live, so the moment didn’t bowl me over with “magic,” as in, “and oh, the animals of the forest came to pay their respect to noble Flood,” or some such nonsense. No, it was a goddamn deer crunching around in the woods, and I stood by my dead cat’s grave and smoked my cigarette and waited for the deer to go away.

It didn’t go away. It kept circling closer, closer. So I thought, Fuck it, take a picture.

Nothing, not even close, except for that last one. That little bright spot is the doe’s eye, looking at me. She kept nosing closer and closer and so yeah finally, it was weird. “Is this the spirit that has been chasing my poor cat his whole life?” I said out loud. “Is this it?” I asked Flood. “This the creep?”

Flood didn’t seem to think so. He had been so tired.  It seemed ok. The black cat was finally not afraid.

†  †  †

Text © Simon Drax

Image Credits

Cover Illustration by Audrey May Erickson | Black Cat posters and Bernie Wrightson illustration via Golden Age Comic Book Stories | Cat Skeleton by Alisongrl | All other photographs by the author


L. Pierre – “KAB 1340” (Official Video)


Happy FALL Rewind: “Rod, you holding anyone good, man?” [nsfw, 17+]

“Well, who you looking for, kid?”

“The dream girl. I’m still looking for the right dream girl. From a story. Jesus, I come every Monday.”

“Oh, right, you. Hey! Weird cat trying to groove on the feel-bad babes. That’s a special crowd, boy. What’s the matter, kid? The other stories no good? Those sad tragic dames still don’t do it for ya, huh? Huh? Huh punk?”

“She keeps changing. In my head. I keep looking. It’s strange. So, Admiral! What’s the op? You holding any good merch this week or not?”

“I only move quality. But for you? This week, we’re moving some Drax, Simon Drax of the dooom-punk and the Dormammu. First up, whoa, she’s a pistol! Mori Kim Marr from Exit Vector. She’s a handful, tiger! Happy only when blind stinking drunk with the VODKA. Very bad attitude and real, real easy on the mass-destruction trigger-finger, she destroys Heaven by accident, and that ain’t half. Mori’s a pistol. Good price, too. Mori comes for free. Just like death.”

photo manip W Ryder by The Creep in the AD 

“Not bad, pops. Who else you got?”

“Ooh, we’re going to have to go up several floors for our next tragic dream story lady, you jazzy brat. Our next girl’s very high maintenance. Gloriana Blitz from DOOMTROOPERS has the weight of a broken world on her bare shoulders! Another big drinker. Daughter of a GOD! Leader of the last kids on Earth! My god, when this girl cuts loose, you’re going to need to run, you’re going to need a bomb shelter. On Pluto.”

illustration by Jo Chen

“She seems a little a bright and loud.”

“Well, yes, she’s a cartoon. But a very heartfelt cartoon, friend.”

“Anyone else?”

“The best. A Saint, touched by God and the whole hot sticky Catholic mess. Catherine Marie Merrin from A Very Fast Descent into Hell.

And the crazy beat behind the counter in the shop of bottled dreams continues, “Catherine from Descent is the best heroine and the best dream girl, because clearly, she’s too good to be true. She really is a Saint, and consequently a little daft in the head, but we’ll get to that. Catherine is generous and brave and heroic and clever and cunning and loyal and she has an exceptional high tolerance for pain. She will not eat the last cookie. She will let you control the remote. She will give you more than her share of the blanket. She will be mindful to never hit or hurt the twitchy weak spots in your flimsy male ego. She has consideration for all, even obnoxious, terrible people nobody likes. There is something wrong with Catherine’s brain.”

He taps his head. “Neurologically. Something wrong. Like a psychopath, only reversed. Catherine can’t shut off the empathy. Her sensory input is like the ocean. She had a difficult childhood. She was massacred on the playground. Her mother was afraid. Her father wasn’t there. Everyone thought Catherine had a learning disability. She stayed inside and read a lot of books. She stayed back twice. It did not help. She decided she would become a Nun and give herself to God. But that didn’t work out, because the world went to Hell, fast! And it was literally in that free fall of total societal collapse that poor chemically-impaired Catherine Marie Merrin underwent a seismic and irreversible change: the girl learned the word ‘No.’ And not just a schism of character, an irreversible before-and-after—no, no, not just that, my young friend—she found a mission. Saint Catherine found a mission. Saint Catherine must slay the Hollow Priest. She must overcome everything, even when all are against her, even when she’s tied and burned at the stake on the first page of this bottled bad dream, later beset by a demon, and finally flung on a slow tidal wave of undying flesh—”

“Hey, heavy! Very Dormammu. How much is she?”

2.99 @ amazon. 99 cents at B&N, iTunes, Smashwords! Plus the usual joints. But this one…”

“Relax, old man. Sold.”


Yes, it’s only a commercial. Apologies to the Shade of Rod Serling.


Yes We Are Still Alive…

… it’s just that everything looks like THIS.

Hyperhex by Zali Krishna




It’s the Harvest Moon tonight, my ghoulish crew.

“What does the Autumn bring? Fear.” — Alan Moore

Photo © Suzanne DosPassos


The Drowning Corridor (a horror story inspired by MlleGhoul)

Drowning Corridor

Photo on 2013-09-17 at 20.49

A work in progress. Obviously.


Cloudscape #40: September 2013 By Evening of Light


Photo: Chris Arnade – “Beach, Stars and Waves: Rhode Island” <http://www.flickr.com/photos/arnade/4…>

Featuring tracks by Directorsound, Nick Grey & Peter James, Jessica Curry, The Floating World, Vortex and more

Wow, Remember When The Creep in the Art Department Did Shit Like This?



SEPTEMBER 13, 1999


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