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Harlan Ellison’s YouTube Channel


Twenty years ago, Harlan Ellison declared the Internet THE DEATH OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Two years ago, Harlan declared HE WAS DYING.

Two weeks ago, Harlan launched HIS OWN DAMN YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Our hero sighs.

Harlan Ellison, along w/ Richard Matheson and Michael Moorcock, was without question one of the most influential writers to our hero, showing me (at least some possible) ways to fill the blank page with words and sentences, dreams, fantasies, yearnings, the works. But as the years passed and the cruel clock ticked, Harlan’s influence waned the fastest, alas; I could no longer return to his work without seeing the “mistakes,” the excess, the laziness, the repetitive shit that I had learned to avoid, to say nothing of his rampant and unrepentant misogyny. As an ardent fan and reader of his work, I’ll go on the record that Harlan hasn’t written a decent page of fiction in THIRTY years. Please, spare me mention of the awards won and the stories included in numerous “year’s best” anthologies; Harlan hasn’t written anything decent in thirty years. Which is a pretty shitty track record.

However, there is still one skill and passion which he’ll always wield like the flash of a swordmaster’s blade: he can talk, man.

Harlan will always fight the good fight for the right reasons. So I think his recently launched YouTube Channel is cause for nothing less than celebration.

Listen to his passion, his desire for justice. He might not be able to compose more than 250 words during a six month period, but like the lady who just swam from Cuba to Florida, Harlan finds a way. His way is worth a listen. Enjoy and appreciate, while Uncle Harlan is still with us.


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