HEXES the sunday spectra

The Triumphant (?) Return of HEXES the sunday spectra


Image: “Cinderella” by  ILCATO


Two Incredible New Mixes by  MlleGhoul, The GhoulNextDoor


Honeysuckle Feet on 8tracks

Love, we’re going home now, 
Where the vines clamber over the trellis: 
Even before you, the summer will arrive, 
On its honeysuckle feet, in your bedroom. 
— Pablo Neruda

Image by Natalie Kucken


toutes les femmes on 8tracks

female vocalistschamber popfolkinternational#yesallwomen singer-songwriterfolkindieambientrussian (beta)

Image by Veronica Ebert




I Know That You’re Lonely (a mix on 8tracks)

Giogio Moroder!

(This is lifted ENTIRELY from DEATH AND TAXES)



Giorgio Moroder releases first new song in 20 years

There may be no name more closely associated with electronic dance music than Giorgio Moroder, and it’s amazing to see that even at 74 years old, perhaps the most important pioneer of the sound can still deliver sounds that easily stand alongside the best of the modern scene. Though he has been working with a number of other artists over the last few years, he has finally released his first new effort on his own in the better part of twenty years. It’s somehow fitting that the song in question was done for Cartoon Network’s always fantastic Adult Swim Singles Series.

The song, called “Giorgio’s Theme” runs a gorgeous eight minutes, and as he has mastered over the past four decades, it presents a magnificent blend of future feels alongside a classic tone. It’s the way the pulsing rhythm moves alongside the keys that really makes the track move, and there’s no question that age has nothing to do with the ability to make quality music.

In recent years, Moroder has done remix work for a wide range of artists like Donna Summer and Coldplay, along with working on one of the most impressive tracks from Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories.” However, his solo efforts have been few and far between since the mid 80’s, and yet the moment you hear the new track, it’s clear he hasn’t lost a step.

The Adult Swim singles series began a few years back, with the similarly named label having released singles from the likes of Death Grips, Thee Oh Sees and LCD Soundsystem over the years. Releasing a new track every week through the end of September, this years’ series will feature the likes of Run The Jewels, Mastodon and Sleep among many others. Alongside the new songs, the Adult Swim website usually has some sort of interview with the artist in question, and in the case of Moroder, he showed that just because you’re an elder of the scene doesn’t mean you have to look down on the new acts.

Perfectly summing up his passion and love for the genre he played a vital role in creating, Moroder told Adult Swim, “I like the sounds of [contemporary] EDM, the guys create new sounds, beautiful sounds.”

Hopefully, this new single is a sign of more fresh sounds to come from one of the true living music visionaries.

Listen to “Giorgio’s Theme” above and then go download it for free from the Adult Swim website.

Joel Freimark hosts a daily music-related webseries HERE and you can follow his daily music musings and suggestions HERE as well.

Image: NME

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And just because I love you: Here’s the Moroder cut of fucking METROPOLIS.



THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE is my favorite episode of ST:TOS, and this is the second time they’ve remastered the effects. It’s all well and good; this version is better than the first remastered version. But the kid inside me still thinks there was nothing wrong with the first version aired in the sixties. I have a short essay inside me in which I will recount how I betrayed The Doomsday Machine, James Blish, Norman Spinrad, Captain Ahab, Captain Nemo, Commodore Decker, Captain Kirk— fucking all of them. I betrayed them all, and I still won the won the writing competition.

A short doc on The Doomsday Machine is below, and it features Norman Spinrad, the author of this episode. My essay, THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE FILES PART 2, will follow in a few days.

and finally


I had intended to write intros to each of these, but fuck it, you can see for yourself: I’m an idiot.


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