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The Places You Walk, Jex Thoth | Mescaline II, Mount Salem | City of Light, The Atlas Moth | Feverdance, The Devil’s Blood | More Cruel Than Weak, Skeletonwitch | Drown, Royal Thunder | All Must Die, The Oath | Dig Your Fingers In, Esben and the Witch | Ghost Riders, Jess and the Ancient Ones | Let It Come Down, Blood Ceremony | The Usher, Sub Rosa | Raise the Sun, Anciients | Celestial Effigy, Agalloch | From the Zodiacal Light, Earth



original photograph by gaolst


Audio excursions your editor has recently enjoyed.

Aiua / Aiua

Quiet Night Falling Moon



5 O’Clock


This Patch of Sky / The Immortal, The Invisible
A Fire Through the Dark

Warren Ellis
 – Broken Strategy

Warren Ellis is an English author of comics, novels, and television.

“This year has been about four projects for me: the experimental “augmented reality” comic SVK, the talk on “digital cities” and history that became the forthcoming short volume GHOSTBOOK, the crime novel GUN MACHINE and an unannounced graphic novel with the working codename “Project Z.” All four projects were, in some sense, all about the same things: hauntings and invisible maps. What follows is a slice of the soundtrack that’s been accompanying the writing of these works.”


                                                                                                                                                      †   †   †
A Brief Interview with ghoulnextdoor
When did you realize you were creating a series of mixes that ultimately became a quintet?

Initially I had only planned to make an eerie, unsettling mix for Halloween time, just one.  Something somber and ghostly, wistful and haunting.  That uncanny sort of melody that causes the hairs to rise at the back of one’s neck, that song of deja-vu, that moment of thrilling, exquisite fear before something happens that, you know, genuinely scares that shit out of you.

It’s probably sort of trite or obvious, but horror film scores and soundtracks were my immediate sources of inspiration for this seasonal project and in searching for the type of music I had in mind I came across so many gorgeous pierces I knew that I could never fit them all into one mix!  This spawned a second mix, and by the time I finished the third, I figured I’d make it challenging for myself and do one more.  I ended up making a fifth because I was just feeling ornery, I suppose!  By the time I was through it just made sense (to me, anyhow) to share them as a darkly seasonal series.

Could there possibly be too many lone, melancholic piano pieces in the world? Will there ever come a point when, collectively, as a species, we will all say, “No more sad piano pieces, ever.” Do you fear that day more than any other? 

No —never! As far as I am concerned there will never be enough of these mournful, moody sounds! Every musician/composer/piano tinkler who ever was or ever will be, from here to eternity, is going to have a gloomy day, a pensive mood,  a grim bout of angst, etc. — and I will always be eager to hear their artistic interpretation of these bleak, joyless times.  There is something about “cheery” music that I find profoundly irritating, it really grates on my nerves! I suppose my spirits are soothed by dreary tunes; how selfish am I, that I take comfort in the product of someone else’s melancholia!
Ghostly Possession by lyon – Howard Lyon – CGHUB
Your mixes are hardly ever light-hearted fare. But these are unremittingly dark. What was happening when you made them?
Oh, I guess like anyone else, I’ve got my rough patches and dark times.  I try not to wallow or feel to sorry for myself, I mean I am not the only one to have suffered heartache or to see future plans fizzle and fail, right?  There’s really no point to mooning about, my problems are no more special or significant than the next persons….and I feel almost as if talking about them overmuch presents them in a light that I’d rather not.  I am not even sure what I mean by that… I guess I am just prefacing my statements with a “yes, I’ve been down and dark but these are not the worst things that have ever happened to a person and I am perfectly aware of that!”

At the end this past September I packed what I had left of the little life I had made for myself up north and traveled back down the coast to settle in the South, where I am originally from. And without going into too many details, the year before that had been exceptionally difficult – which is what prompted the move.  I got rid of almost everything I owned – 15 years worth of stuff – and only moved with what I could fit into my small car. Said goodbye to the people who had become part of my life, who almost defined my existence.  Became increasingly intimidated and terrified of a life that I had not really planned for. This culminated in bouts of despondency and heavy-hearted  funks and a bittersweet outlook that I’ve yet to shake entirely.
designer’s portrait by *oprisco
When I started putting these five mixes together, right before I left, I was in bit of a state of mourning for all that I left behind that never quite came to pass.  And alternating between euphoria and fright and sorrow and maybe a bit of hope – I guess I sought out and took comfort in the sounds that spoke to me on these levels.  It is really little wonder then, that the outcome might be exceptionally dark…

It’s Official — THE BLACK ANGELS are my new favorite band


ANGRY MORON #3 (Revised)




Super cosplayer Vampybitme has created incredible costumes —

Chun Li

Chun Li from Street Fighter

lara croft

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

EDITED TO ADD: The inestimable Mlleghoul  has informed me that this cosplay outfit is in fact NOT Lara Croft but Tiffa Lockheart from FINAL FANTASY. Ahh, I don’t know.



Batgirl from, well, you know…

But her crowning achievement…


gundam girl 1

Gundam firl 2

gundam girl 3

You can find more of  her incredible costumes at vampybitme on instagram.

†  †  †


Villagers call for demolition of cursed home after five deaths


Kerry village residents believe there is “bad luck” associated with the doomed bogside cottage.

Locals in the village of Lixnaw, County Kerry, are seeking the demolition of a cottage they believe to be cursed. At least five tragic deaths are associated with the property, including the violent murder of a woman in 2013.

Lixnaw’s parish priest said locals believe there is a “máchail” (defect or harm) or “mí-ádh” (bad luck) associated with the council-owned cottage on the edge of Ballynageragh bog. The local’s fears were brought to light at the first meeting of the Listowel Electoral Area meeting.

Five of the cottage’s residents have been the victims of tragic, accidental or violent deaths. Just last year, on November 27, Susan Dunne (62) was murdered in the house. Her autistic son, Patrick (20) is to stand trial for her murder, at the Central Criminal Court, on April 13.

Locals also say a man who lived in the cottage was stabbed in Wales, another resident died in a road accident, and in the past 20 years there have been three tragic deaths at the cottage, involving different families.

Sinn Fein Councillor Robert Beasley told the Irish Examiner that no one will ever live there again and said locals are concerned that the council will try to house another family in the house.

The council has confirmed that they are considering demolishing the cottage, however the recently deceased Dunne’s personal effects remain in the house. They are liaising with her family and have yet to make a decision about a refurbishment or demolition.

From Irish Central

†  †  †


It was such a pleasure to rediscover one of my favorite bands and marvel at their weird vibrant mix of metal, rap, symphonic, even classical elements. Here are all their full albums available on youtube.

True story: The day ANGEL DUST was released, I brought it w/ me to a “wicked cool” party in Boston— strippers, artists, musicians. (Not a writer in the bunch.) Anyway, after the current “cool” album had finished playing, I slipped Angel Dust by Faith No More in the stereo.

And everyone walked out of the room.


“Oh, they’re over,” someone told me, later. “They’re never going to write a better song than EPIC. They’re over.” And he swung back his bottle of cheap beer and swaggered into the other room to flirt with the strippers.


Ladies, boys, robots— FAITH NO MORE.

†  †  †


Yes, this is a “Just Because” moment. But also I wanted to repeat an appraisal of this movie, “The Hardy Boys Go to Hell.”

†  †  †



THIS was the most fun I’d had with a B Movie in a long time.

†  †  †


We just passed the 45th anniversary of humans setting foot on The Moon. This is the only photo I felt worthy of posting.


That’s my son Damien at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC on the weekend of the 45th anniversary of The Moon Landing and I was not there.

†  †  †

and finally



Ashtray Chat: What Do You Think About This, Kids? THE MAD MAX FURY ROAD TRAILER

George Miller, creator and director of the classic MAD MAX movies, has been threatening/promising us with the sequel FURY ROAD for nearly fifteen years. In 2015, it’ll finally be here.

Your humble curator has some problems.

1: There’s no good reason on Earth that Mel Gibson isn’t playing Max in this movie. Yeah, yeah, I’m always thumping for reinvention, but—I just can’t accept another actor other than Mel in the role of Max. Not while Mel’s still walking and talking (and drinking). For fuck’s sake, they made Max look old in the horrid THUNDERDOME, and that was in 1985! Sorry, but MEL OR HELL is my motto.

2. Yes, every bit of this trailer looks “awesome,” but I can point to 96% of it and say, “That came from ROAD WARRIOR. And that came from ROAD WARRIOR. And THAT came from ROAD WARRIOR!”

(To play devil’s advocate w/ myself for a moment: There’s not a single sequence in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK that doesn’t have its origins from the original STAR WARS, A NEW HOPE. However, EMPIRE is clearly the superior film. And the elements/sequences lifted from the first film were extended to nearly dreamlike extremes—yes, you can find their origins if you dig for them, but there’s no overt Tie Fighter battle, no trash compactor, no Death Star trench.)

2, continued: So, I’m seeing SO many shots/elements lifted carbon copy from ROAD WARRIOR in this trailer. Which depresses me.


(sorry. had to let the über geek out of his cage for a second)

4. What’s up with the quintet of babes?! It not only echoes The Warrior Woman from RW (times five) but this pisses me off because I’m currently writing two “Triple Goddess” stories and I just want to scream BACK the FUCK off!

Allright that last one doesn’t mean anything to anybody except me (maybe), but I still had to fire it off.

I don’t know. I’ll still probably be second in line for MAD MAX FURY ROAD. But I’ll be yelling “MEL! MEL! MEL.”


Faith No More: Epic

Not “Just because;” this is my favorite FNM song, and there’s a major chapter about them that will be included in the forthcoming edition of ANGRY MORON that’s only about, oh, a week late.


Absolutely NSFW: Sketch from Chapter 3 of an Untitled Bondage SF Fantasy



[updated photo]

(Chap 3.5)

They arrive at the tall guy’s secret house. It’s a secluded cottage in the woods. He carries each tied up girl inside, placing them gently on the floor in front of a roaring fire in a massive stone fireplace.

The Tall Guy takes a seat. Lights a cigarette, pours himself a drink.

“I’m going to untie you both in a minute,” he said, “and let you bathe and relax. But then—we must talk. And then I must bind you, again.”

Romana and Ali swapped a desperate glance. Romana nodded yes. Ali shook her head no. Then they both tilted toward each other, sisters, friends, eyes searching. And then they slowly nodded.

Bound hand and foot on the floor, they turned to their captor. “Yes.”

“Good.” The Tall Guy leaned forward. “The two of you are essential to all future life in the Milky Way Galaxy. There is a super massive Black Hole in the center of our galaxy that will wreak untold havoc unless you two (and an undiscovered third) unite and use your power to subdue the black hole. Alas, this gravitational shift will cause massive grief to neighboring galaxies—especially Andromeda.”

Ali bared her teeth, her arms and ankles aching from the rope. She turned to her captor. “We’re supposed to believe this shit?!”

“Yes,” he said, nonplussed. He leaned forward. “I am from the future. This is recorded history. It must not go wrong at any cost. But our enemies—“

“Those soldiers?” Ramona said.

“Yes. They are soldiers from the future, from Andromeda. They’ve come here to change history, they want to kill you, stop you.”

Their captor leaned back in his chair. “And then there is the matter of the third.”

On their stomachs, bound hand and foot, Ali and Romana exchanged a glance. “Third?”

“Yes, the third. The lost sister, the final segment of the triad. The missing element of the Triple Goddess that will seal the Black Hole and ensure continued life in the Milky Way Galaxy.”

“Who is she? Where is she?”

Their captor sat back in his chair and drew on his cigarette. The two girls bound hand and foot under punishing coils of rope could only twist on the floor and await his answer.

Finally he said, “We don’t know where she is, but we will find her. Your lost sister is vital.”

Ali and Romana exchanged a baffled glance, shared a quick kiss, then both turned with venom to their captor. “WE’RE NOT SISTERS.”

“Ah, but you are. We shall find her.”

He drew out his knife. “I will untie you now. I will draw a bath for the both of you. But I expect you to behave.”


[original photo]


Easily the Weirdest Discovery of the Week, Even Better Than ATOMIC SUBMARINE: Ladies, Boys, Robots, I Give you METROPOLIS UNSILENCED

SO bizarre. Fan film. All intercards removed, voiceovers for all exchanges between the characters (even when their lips aren’t moving). Also new sound effects and music, as well as semi-recently discovered lost footage. Really, it’s a trip. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t. But this is required viewing for diehard METROPOLIS fans. And you know who I’m talking to. Yes. You.

And you!


OMNIA “I Don’t Speak Human”

Thanks to @gfstudio for sharing this.





Maria Paz Cabardo, director of “BETTER THINGS,” the documentary of my favorite artist, Jeffrey Jones, writes:


Hi friends,
How are you? I am going to ask for a very special favor, can you please post my panel at SDCC on your FB page? I do not have a wide network of followers and I’m worried no one would show up for the film panel.
I was supposed to screen the film initially, but got disqualified when the programming director found out that I already have distribution. I guess selling your film is not an advantage at comic con. So they gave me an hour panel with a very inconvenient schedule instead. I’ll be showing the studio part of the film and a bunch of new behind the scenes interviews.
I really just wanted to show the movie at a venue that I think is most appropriate but, I can’t complain. The panel is on Thursday, 24th, from 9to 10,pm… beggars can’t be choosers 🙂 I never expected that it would be so difficult to screen the film at comic book conventions!!!
If you can do this, awesome — if not, it’s cool. I’m just trying all my options to help advertise the film.
I hope all is well, and maybe I’ll see you at the convention.
Just me again,
Jeffrey C Jones_birch
BETTER THINGS: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones
ORDER from: or
Distributed by KINO LORBER





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