Love Drax

The Real Gary Sand Walks

At least two of my five readers/followers are aware that I am caregiver for a guy named Gary, a man now in his mid-30s who suffers from an ABI, an Acquired Brain Injury. Gary was in a horrific car accident when he was 21. His whole life was ripped away from him. He never had a proper girlfriend, he never had sex. Man, you should see his chest, the holes the EMTs pounded through his upper torso to keep him alive. Gary spent nine years in a hospital before he finally came home in the Fall of 2009.

Gary has taught me. So. Much.

As miserable as I might be in these current dark days, when I saw this vid it was like the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu exploded a super nova in my head—there’s Gary standing and walking, aided by his physical therapist, Adam, who’s counting the minutes of his own death clock: brain cancer.

Believe. Hope. Never give up.

Haven’t done it in while, but I transcribe Gary’s ramblings on Twitter. You can follow him at



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