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Maria Paz Cabardo, director of “BETTER THINGS,” the documentary of my favorite artist, Jeffrey Jones, writes:


Hi friends,
How are you? I am going to ask for a very special favor, can you please post my panel at SDCC on your FB page? I do not have a wide network of followers and I’m worried no one would show up for the film panel.
I was supposed to screen the film initially, but got disqualified when the programming director found out that I already have distribution. I guess selling your film is not an advantage at comic con. So they gave me an hour panel with a very inconvenient schedule instead. I’ll be showing the studio part of the film and a bunch of new behind the scenes interviews.
I really just wanted to show the movie at a venue that I think is most appropriate but, I can’t complain. The panel is on Thursday, 24th, from 9to 10,pm… beggars can’t be choosers 🙂 I never expected that it would be so difficult to screen the film at comic book conventions!!!
If you can do this, awesome — if not, it’s cool. I’m just trying all my options to help advertise the film.
I hope all is well, and maybe I’ll see you at the convention.
Just me again,
Jeffrey C Jones_birch
BETTER THINGS: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones
ORDER from: or
Distributed by KINO LORBER





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