Angry Moron

ANGRY MORON #3 (Revised)




Super cosplayer Vampybitme has created incredible costumes —

Chun Li

Chun Li from Street Fighter

lara croft

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

EDITED TO ADD: The inestimable Mlleghoul  has informed me that this cosplay outfit is in fact NOT Lara Croft but Tiffa Lockheart from FINAL FANTASY. Ahh, I don’t know.



Batgirl from, well, you know…

But her crowning achievement…


gundam girl 1

Gundam firl 2

gundam girl 3

You can find more of  her incredible costumes at vampybitme on instagram.

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Villagers call for demolition of cursed home after five deaths


Kerry village residents believe there is “bad luck” associated with the doomed bogside cottage.

Locals in the village of Lixnaw, County Kerry, are seeking the demolition of a cottage they believe to be cursed. At least five tragic deaths are associated with the property, including the violent murder of a woman in 2013.

Lixnaw’s parish priest said locals believe there is a “máchail” (defect or harm) or “mí-ádh” (bad luck) associated with the council-owned cottage on the edge of Ballynageragh bog. The local’s fears were brought to light at the first meeting of the Listowel Electoral Area meeting.

Five of the cottage’s residents have been the victims of tragic, accidental or violent deaths. Just last year, on November 27, Susan Dunne (62) was murdered in the house. Her autistic son, Patrick (20) is to stand trial for her murder, at the Central Criminal Court, on April 13.

Locals also say a man who lived in the cottage was stabbed in Wales, another resident died in a road accident, and in the past 20 years there have been three tragic deaths at the cottage, involving different families.

Sinn Fein Councillor Robert Beasley told the Irish Examiner that no one will ever live there again and said locals are concerned that the council will try to house another family in the house.

The council has confirmed that they are considering demolishing the cottage, however the recently deceased Dunne’s personal effects remain in the house. They are liaising with her family and have yet to make a decision about a refurbishment or demolition.

From Irish Central

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It was such a pleasure to rediscover one of my favorite bands and marvel at their weird vibrant mix of metal, rap, symphonic, even classical elements. Here are all their full albums available on youtube.

True story: The day ANGEL DUST was released, I brought it w/ me to a “wicked cool” party in Boston— strippers, artists, musicians. (Not a writer in the bunch.) Anyway, after the current “cool” album had finished playing, I slipped Angel Dust by Faith No More in the stereo.

And everyone walked out of the room.


“Oh, they’re over,” someone told me, later. “They’re never going to write a better song than EPIC. They’re over.” And he swung back his bottle of cheap beer and swaggered into the other room to flirt with the strippers.


Ladies, boys, robots— FAITH NO MORE.

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Yes, this is a “Just Because” moment. But also I wanted to repeat an appraisal of this movie, “The Hardy Boys Go to Hell.”

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THIS was the most fun I’d had with a B Movie in a long time.

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We just passed the 45th anniversary of humans setting foot on The Moon. This is the only photo I felt worthy of posting.


That’s my son Damien at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC on the weekend of the 45th anniversary of The Moon Landing and I was not there.

†  †  †

and finally



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