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Ashtray Chat: What Do You Think About This, Kids? THE MAD MAX FURY ROAD TRAILER

George Miller, creator and director of the classic MAD MAX movies, has been threatening/promising us with the sequel FURY ROAD for nearly fifteen years. In 2015, it’ll finally be here.

Your humble curator has some problems.

1: There’s no good reason on Earth that Mel Gibson isn’t playing Max in this movie. Yeah, yeah, I’m always thumping for reinvention, but—I just can’t accept another actor other than Mel in the role of Max. Not while Mel’s still walking and talking (and drinking). For fuck’s sake, they made Max look old in the horrid THUNDERDOME, and that was in 1985! Sorry, but MEL OR HELL is my motto.

2. Yes, every bit of this trailer looks “awesome,” but I can point to 96% of it and say, “That came from ROAD WARRIOR. And that came from ROAD WARRIOR. And THAT came from ROAD WARRIOR!”

(To play devil’s advocate w/ myself for a moment: There’s not a single sequence in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK that doesn’t have its origins from the original STAR WARS, A NEW HOPE. However, EMPIRE is clearly the superior film. And the elements/sequences lifted from the first film were extended to nearly dreamlike extremes—yes, you can find their origins if you dig for them, but there’s no overt Tie Fighter battle, no trash compactor, no Death Star trench.)

2, continued: So, I’m seeing SO many shots/elements lifted carbon copy from ROAD WARRIOR in this trailer. Which depresses me.


(sorry. had to let the über geek out of his cage for a second)

4. What’s up with the quintet of babes?! It not only echoes The Warrior Woman from RW (times five) but this pisses me off because I’m currently writing two “Triple Goddess” stories and I just want to scream BACK the FUCK off!

Allright that last one doesn’t mean anything to anybody except me (maybe), but I still had to fire it off.

I don’t know. I’ll still probably be second in line for MAD MAX FURY ROAD. But I’ll be yelling “MEL! MEL! MEL.”


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