Coil – Main Title (Unreleased Hellraiser Theme)

Coil’s set of cues for Clive Barker’s successful leatherbound exploration of demonic sadomasochism are so bloody good, that if they’d actually been used on the film they’d easily have made the top 20. Sadly, the score remains unfinished, as the studio pulled the plug when they realized that Clive Barker was paying a cult British industrial act to write music for a million-dollar movie. Barker’s assertion that Coil were “the only group I’ve heard on disc whose records I’ve taken off because they made my bowels churn” is all you really need to know. And the existing few cues (which eventually made their way into the world, thank goodness) are a reminder of how bloody brilliant it would have been if they’d been allowed to finish. Christopher Young’s eventual hack-job absolutely pales in comparison.

From FACTMAG’s 100 Greatest Horror Soundtracks.


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