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Maxim Peter Griffin: Illustration and Psychedelia from Old Weird Albion


Zardoz, 2014

Maximus Mhrif (as his friends and familiars know him) is a veritable mage of the page, a wanderer through crags and moors and ruins armed with pen and pencils and a third eye, applying colors with a magisterial splash to seal the spell and dazzle his legion of followers, a growing phalanx that I count myself to lucky to fall-in with. I would march in Maxim Peter Griffin’s army even if he weren’t the exclusive designer of my avatars on twitter for two years running, but more on that in a bit. I want to share the subtle power of Griffin’s drawings. They fall somewhere between the unflinching incision of the woodcut and the inspired eerie craft of the automatic scrawl, as if the wind and the mountains and the witches of old unerringly guide his hand. Over the top verbiage, you say? Perhaps. In any event, the drawings speak for themselves.

 Edge of the Place

Edge of the Place




Broad of Lincolnshire


Lucy 1


Drax Avatar 1 


Drax Avatar 2


Drax Avatar 3 (Onibaba)


Drax Avatar 4


Drax Avatar 5 (full)


Drax Avatar 5 (crop, final and current)

Amazing work, isn’t it? And we’re not just talking about the avatars, cool though they be—Maxim Peter Griffin’s strokes of pen and brush strike an elemental response rarely seen or felt. The good news is he works every day, producing wonders that you can see and share. Follow him on twitter and his site. Tell him Satan Drax The Wind sent you, and he will respond with wonder.


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