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That Fragment of Ruin: a mix by @mlleghoul / ghoulnextdoor


► 8tracks radio | That fragment of ruin by ghoulnextdoor.

Inspired by William Hope Hodgson’s The House on The Borderland.
Image: Ed Emshwiller


Black Arts Cryo Chamber, Dronny Darko | Call of the Exile, NIGHTBRINGER | Onyx Towers, Black Blight | Faces In The Fog, Electric Hell | pathways in the dark, blackantlers | Images of Dream and Death, Wretched Excess | Strange Summoning, Possessor | The Night Scene, Oscillopeisia |The Death, Sumokem | The Prophecy, Lamia Vox | Godhead Emanation., Metatron Omega | Surround the Fire, Muscle and Marrow | Qulielfi (29th Tunnel of Set), y3mk

The tags are dark ambient, drone, black metal, occult, doom. It’s a real feel-good spin, kids! Enjoy.


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