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Leonard Nimoy, 1931 — 2015


As we all know, Leonard Nimoy died yesterday. I wouldn’t be able to look in the mirror if I didn’t mark his passing. Nimoy as Spock was truly an iconic figure and character in our collective pop-culture consciousness, and I guess we all thought he would live forever. He didn’t. None of us do. But he lived pretty long, and he certainly prospered. I’ll spare you my memories of growing up with Star Trek ToS, my appreciation (and occasional jeering) of his numerous artistic efforts and accomplishments, the time I met and spoke with him, etc, because the outpouring of sadness and shock across all media outlets regarding Mr Nimoy’s passing on Friday February 27 2015 served as undeniable recognition of what Nimoy/Spock meant to everybody: someone and something so unique and potent, it felt like a death in the family, a piece of ourselves who would never come back, now gone forever, a Science Fiction and American original.



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