HEXES the sometime spectra, Very Late March 2015 Edition


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A.V. Club reports:

Brazilian Artist Butcher Billy has reimagined a number of post-punk and new-wave icons as Marvel superheroes (he did DC earlier), and the results, a few of which are below, are perfect. Siouxsie Sioux turns into the Scarlet Witch, Mark Mothersbaugh becomes Iron Man, and John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten) turns into a scowling, bird flipping Wolverine. While it’s interesting to think about how these icons’ personalities would mesh with each superhero, it’s also interesting to think about how much better or worse each of these musicians would be at being superheroes than their fictional counterparts. Would Billy Idol-Thor even be worthy of carrying Mjolnir? Does Spider-Ian Curtis have the wherewithal to keep dealing with the Green Goblin day in, day out? Is Hulk-Morrisey somehow more mopey than Bruce Banner? Knowing how insane comic book mythology is, the answers to these questions and more are probably already at a comic book shop near you. — Eric Lindvall


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Terminus Dream Swarm (Drax Version)


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The Life Work of Juan Diaz


An episode of the mega-shitty Alfred Hitchcock Hour that actually does not suck! Based on a story by Ray Bradbury!

Young Juan Diaz gives cemetery caretaker Alejandro 40 pesos to rent a burial plot. He soon falls fatally ill, and warns his wife, Maria, to not let Alejandro cheat her out of the two-year lease for which he paid. One year later, Alejandro asks Maria for more money, or he will disinter Juan’s mummy and place it in the catacomb. Maria and her son Jorge sneak into the catacomb, and frighten Alejandro as they walk Juan’s mummy out of the cemetery. Alejandro asks Ricardo, the Chief of Police and Maria’s brother-in-law, to confiscate Juan’s mummy from the Diaz home, but Ricardo refuses. Maria puts Juan’s mummy on display as a tourist attraction. Written by Lewis Amack


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FIRE WOMAN: The Concept!

Fire Woman composite

I always have dozens of half-baked story ideas flying around inside my head at the same time, and sadly few of them ever see completion. Most of them just fade away, replaced other bonehead ideas that will also never bear fruit.

But one of them stuck w/ me, for a curious reason: because I could never figure out what the fuck it was actually about. I was enamored with the concept of a series of stories—or a comic series—called Fire Woman, the title coming from an affectionate appellation shared by me and a friend, a song by The Cult, and a fictional band I created for my previously mentioned friend, see below. Smashing image by Ellen Rogers.

Ellen Rogers Super Pagan Lady_alt_crop

Fire Woman! I couldn’t let it go, even though I didn’t have a single scene or character etched in my head. I kicked around a “fallen Goddess” comic book storyline in which I would do my very best to imitate Neil Gaiman’s Sandman but it never took hold. Frustration!

Then, in recent weeks, it all came together.

The concept: instead of continuous story w/ a stable of returning characters, each installment of Fire Woman would be a self-contained stand-alone episode, akin to an anthology series. Ah, but each episode would always contain certain elements to be reinvented each time. The elements would be:

• A woman in danger, which would focus on some aspect of her personality

• Fire (obviously)

• and the inclusion of a fictitious old tattered comic book called Fire Woman which would serve as a talismanic object and inspire each story’s heroine to victory.

Which would be VERY hard to do again and again—but I like the challenge. It would be so wonderful! The freaky way the beat-up Fire Woman comic would have to be inserted in the story every time. I dig it.

Anyway, that’s the concept.

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ghoulnextdoor offers:

Exercise music for the cold of heart and the sluggish of blood.*
Image: Image: Oltretomba Colore #73

Track List:
Zombie, Natalia Kills | Shallow Grave, The Birthday Massacre | Phantasmo, Asmodeus | Run For Your Life, The Creepshow | Coffin Rocket, Dead Vampires | Tonight, There Will Be No Survivors, Zombina and the Skeletones | Maneater, The Koffin Kats | Tomb Of The Zombie Queen, Sasha & The Shamrocks | Blind, DANCE WITH THE DEAD

I am having a difficult time putting together a workout playlist because I pretty much can’t stand the artists and lyrical content of most music that’s good for making the blood pump faster. Ideally I want music that *sounds* (beatwise, I guess?) like Ke$ha, or Lady Gaga or Rhianna, but they should be singing about hexes and mummies and changelings and poison gardens and grave robbing.  Why does this not exist? Not everybody wants to hear songs about being all up in the club, or whatever.

SO this is what I have got so far, but it’s not even close to what I want, and I would love suggestions. Also, I’m sure people are going to mention bands like The Cramps, and they’re great, but I mostly try to keep my playlists current to artists within the last 10 years or so.

You’ll notice that I have included a fair amount of psychobilly/horror punk (I guess you could call it), but I am not overly attached to that genre; it’s just that these folks are the only ones singing about the things I want to hear.

Criteria: must be fairly recent (last 10 years or so), must have a driving beat that would make someone want to propel themselves forward, must have a macabre/monstrous/witchy vibe.

Let me know what you’ve got!

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