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A Revisit: An earlier Tribute to Joe Kane, aka The Phantom of The Movies®


11/11/20— Hi there loyal readers. I’m finally getting it together in order to write readable sentences about Joe Kane, who left this veil of tears 11 days ago. In the process of assembling photos and talismans and memories, I thought it might be sorta okay to repost this birthday tribute… drax

† † †

Earlier today I wrote Joe Kane a chatty little email to wish him a Happy Birthday, and in closing I said that my “traditional celebratory post would appear on the main site later today!”

Not wanting to repeat myself, I checked to see what I had done last year. Huh. That’s funny; there was no “traditional celebratory post” in 2014. Dialing back to 2013, I was very dismayed to discover that there wasn’t a Birthday post for that year, either. Yes, I was slightly gladdened that, thank god, the June 5th 2012 post was probably the best I had ever crafted for Mr Kane (you can see it here) but I was more than a little bothered that I had blown and spaced an annual event and deadline two years in a row. I am sure Joe weathered this inadequacy on my part with bravery and stoicism. But the sad fact remains that, yeah, Simon Drax speaks (sometimes) and writes (sometimes) and makes his deadlines (almost nevertimes), Joe Kane speaks and writes and makes his deadlines everytime.

Joe Kane speaks and writes and makes his deadlines, year after year. I first discovered Joe and VideoScope in December 1994, and it wasn’t even a proper magazine then, it was a newsletter. No glossy stock, no color, and I think it was all of 15 pages. The newsletter would soon grow into a magazine, one that continually added more pages, then a glossy cover, then the thrill of a COLOR cover—my god, I still remember that benchmark—but one element remained constant, year after year: every issue came out on time.

Sure, some issues were thinner than other issues (and only a few of them at that) but VideoScope was always there, an issue for each season, year after year on this endlessly spinning mudball we call Earth. And it wasn’t just VS. Joe penned a lot of books through those seasons, too.



And more, so much more. When compared to the output of many writers (including this Doompooper), Joe Kane keeps going and going, speaking and writing and making his deadlines, despite the accumulation of seasons, and years… and birthdays.

Rock on, Joe.


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