Love Drax

Memento Mori

It’s been a rough month. The Reaper’s been busy: the fuckwad in South Carolina who emptied his clip at a goddamn Bible MeetingChristopher Lee, James Salter, and William George Clark.


He raised daughters and sons. He had a century’s worth of wisdom. I liked him a lot.

“Death sucks.” — Tim O’Brien

It is the slow death that hurts the worst. That long letting go.

Yes, it is tragic when a young one is cut down before his/her “time.” But watching and witnessing our elderly fade is a heartbreak of a singular nature. The Hours. The Minutes.

That mighty brain encased in a crumbling shell.

It is unfair. Like all lifeforms on Earth, unfair.

I am an atheist. I love Trees and The Moon, The Ocean and The Wind. These are aesthetic choices. I do not believe in Heaven, I do not believe in a better place.

But those who have left us have left us better, through their strength, their endurance, their love. We must honor their strength, and carry on.



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