Love Drax

Happy Birthday, Beloved Dakota


My daughter is 14 years old today. She likes to wear my shirts, see above. She cares for her cats so much she carts them around in a very cool bike. She plays the Sax. She is fearless. She successfully challenged and changed her school’s ridiculous dress code. She is ridiculous. I love her so much. She just ruined her laptop. She is a Martial Artist. She watches Grey’s Anatomy with frightening NetFlix frequency. She had a nemesis on her bus. Her best friend Bella is badass. She’s about to enter High School. She is wise. She is at times an infuriating wiseass.

I love her so much.


Oh, Happy Birthday, baby.

Sabrina The Cat was harmed during this photoshoot. She was tortured, burned, and strangled until we got the shot right. All blame goes to Dakota. Please forward all legal papers to her.


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