Drax has compiled an altogether engaging novel for a broad audience. His finely-tuned command of first-person narrative, mixed with chapters of intricate prose and adept foreshadowing deliver well-spent hours with this self-published work. Admirable in all respects, if you’ve enjoyed Stephen King’s Gunslinger series you should pick up a copy of this religion-biting, futuristic portrait– for an amusing and insightful depiction of the underworld and the present state of affairs.

A Very Fast Descent Into Hell


And far below…

in the dark roaring depths

in the splintering metal shell of the submarine, Gloriana’s heart boomed like a war drum in her chest, steady and insistent and refusing to yield, a battle cry pulsing in her blood, surging through her, calling her name—as if her name were a secret, a sound she’d never known. It was the voice of her father and yet it was not; it was the hammer of her heart and yet something else. Gloriana. A circle of flame and she was the center. All was lost, she realized. She was free. The world she’d known crumbled, fell away. She gave herself over to the wild foreign rhythm within.



The Last Star in the Sky

And as proof of her newfound convictions, proof to herself if no one else, she began to accelerate. Faster and faster she went, plunging like a hellborn ball of flame through the cold vault of space, till at last she came bursting from the void and careened into the center of a minor solar system. Uncaring, she cut through the paths of the system’s inner planets.

The result was catastrophic.

Worlds were ripped from their wheel about their mother sun and sent spinning into freezing merciless black. The unsuspecting and innocent sun barely had time to scream Why?! before her rogue sister’s gravitational shockwave came crashing and the poor sun was torn to shreds, split to spewing gushes of fire and hydrogen.

The black of space bloomed red.

The star continued on her bitter path.

That will show them, she thought.


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