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Very Bad Drax is Back on the Air

Photo on 8-23-15 at 8.49 AM_use this

“Mama, Mama! Look at the sad tortured man on the screen!”

“Click away, Muffin. Click away! Bad karma can be digitally contagious.”

YES, it’s been a very spotty month here at the site. I’m tempted to say, “due to the usual factors.” But man, the “usual factors” went into wrap drive this time around, this August truly deserves the appellation DARK. The ever-present crushing financial issue. Health issues. Car issues. Connectivity issues. Cat issues.

And more than once, I was just fucking paralyzed.

But I was saved again and again, and it mattered, a lot: the love and example and reality of my children. The care and concern of friends who dazzled and humbled me by their kindness. Realization of the simple fact that I was still breathing, dammit.

And lo, the mighty magic of Reading.

Literature really can save us. At some of the darkest times this month, my heart was coaxed into continued beats by strings of words on the page. I read whole books in one sitting, and I emerged better on the other side. I’d like to give three writers in particular shout-outs, for even though two of these gents are unremittingly dark, boy, they saved my ass and my brain: Barry Graham (dark), Jordan Harper (dark), and David Mitchell (merely brilliant). Arigato, guys.

I’d like to elaborate on the power of action vs despair, but I’ve got to get up and go, I’ve got to go to work.

For better or worse, we are back on the air.


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