Art Beautiful

I Am Binging on Episodes of INTERVENTION and You Can Not Stop Me


c l i c k   m e

The Creep in the Art Department is beside himself, blown away by the image above. He says, “Holy fucking shit, would you look at this?! Watching INTERVENTION and ya hit pause and walk away and come back and WHOA. LOOK at THAT. It’s just a video freeze but it’s the best painting I’ve seen all week. LOOK AT IT. Every element is organized perfectly, the composition is fucking flawless. LOOK AT IT. Look at the cat. Look at the cat’s expression, the eyes. The bent shade. The necklaces hanging from the nail that holds the weird calendar. The fucking CROSS. The COKE CAN, MAN. The bedding. The big SWOOP that starts in the upper right hand corner and smashes into the blurred agonized face of this episode’s lost soul, Elena.”

The Creep shakes his head.

“It’s fucking brilliant.”


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