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Une Galerie de Filles Désirables…

photo (1)

…which is laughably and intentionally pretentious but let’s face it, calling this feature ANYTHING other than “Sexy Girls” is a step up.

Je suis une mauvaise personne et je présente mes excuses à l’avance. I am an evil person and I apologize in advance. Some of the pics appearing here are uncredited. If you are the creator of such an image, I will rectify matters immédiatement and hurl myself upon the cliffs of pain. Promise.

In the future, Une Galerie de Filles Désirables will appear in my webzine ANGRY MORON because that rag needs all the class it can slurp up off the floor. Eeeyew.

†  †  †

Girl_Snake_Brad Kunkle

Brad Kunkle





(Source- brillepetiteetoile)

Brille Petite Toile

(Source- aroeirapura)



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