Ashtray Chat Uncategorized


At least for a while.

After six years, eight months, assorted days, I have exhausted the measly 3 gigs allotted me by wordpress for graphical upload. Shaaa! I went into the library and wiped out what I could, and it still wasn’t enough. And I decided, stop. Stop throwing shit away. Better or worse, this silly little site has been my diary for the last six years. Ambitions, many. Accomplishments, few. It doesn’t matter, The Site will stand.

God, the notion of posting without graphics is verboten to my fucking psyche. I am a designer. Words and pictures, they go together.

So. This will be a test of Simon Drax, writer. No pretty pictures to cover my ass, no clever graphics. Just the words, man. The quiet page where real power is achieved.

And so—


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