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Rocketeer Woes

Okay. A new ROCKETEER movie. Fine. As a rabid fan of the original comic, I was only mildly disappointed by the first ROCKETEER movie many, many moons ago. But Disney’s plans for a new film include to feature “a young African American woman in the years following World War II” in the lead role.

Okay, full stop.

That really warps what THE ROCKETEER was about.

It’s not about race or gender. When they made Marvel’s Nick Fury black (first in THE ULTIMATES, and then in the movies), half of my friends were beside themselves. I couldn’t give a shit. “Who cares what color his skin is,” I told them, “that’s still Nick Fury.” And the new GHOSTBUSTERS, with its all female crew? I could not give half a shit. But this plan for the new ROCKETEER movie?

It just warps it too far, man.

THE ROCKETEER was about a geeky insecure guy who could not find a job and was in love/lust with a Bettie Page lookalike (who was a model, ha ha!). He gets a crappy fucking jetpack and tries to fight crime, and that’s it.

If you want to make a movie about an alluring young African American woman who straps on a jetpack and has adventures, THEN GIVE HER A STORY SHE OWNS, dammit. Make up a new title. Make a new story. JET GIRL! Give her a backstory. We need new dreams, new stories. Do not be lazy. Do not appropriate. Make something NEW. I’d watch JET GIRL, fuck yeah. But stop raping the fucking past, man. Leave my beloved shit be.


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