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Dr Strange


Oh I am going to bitch. I am going to bitch for so long and loud you would want to slap me if you were in my presence. I just watched the new trailer for DR STRANGE (above, duh), and I am five times past Friday, I’m bent.

So we have The Car Crash (check), The Fucked Up Hands (check), The Trek to Tibet (check)… and then it looks like everything goes to shit. Seriously. Cumberbatch pulls on a semi-passable Dr Strange outfit, but in the action/battle sequences featured in the trailer, he might as well be Superman. And that’s not Dr Strange.

Dr Strange was about dreams and nightmares. It was about traveling to other dimensions. It was about fighting a villain named DORMAMMU. It was weird and strange, man, it was a great comic. And this film doesn’t evoke any of that. It looks like a fucking Superman movie.

One last thing. I don’t understand why the makers of these films don’t utilize and adapt the visual elements of the original comics. I want to see a Fantastic Four movie directed and photographed by Jack Kirby, I want to see a Dr Strange movie that captures and reflects Steve Dikto. Filmmakers can do this shit. And there are lot of talented designers out there. Yes, you CAN make a Fantastic Four movie that looks Kirby drew/designed every frame.

But this Dr Strange shit… again, it’s a matter of appropriation, and laziness. And it sucks.



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