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Photograph by Circular Mobius



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the true story of a young female mass murderer in 70s prague


Michalina Olszanska is the breakout star of a new film about the last woman to be executed in Czechoslovakia. We sat down with the actress to talk about difficulties and challenges of playing such a complex character.

Your character also smokes like crazy, in almost every scene. Was that hard for you?

Well, I smoked before but just a little – with my friends at parties. But after that fucking film, I smoke a lot now! It was a really important thing for me because I think her cigarettes are like a dummy, like a baby. My mum says that we smoke because we’re all animals and we feel safe when we’re sucking something. It’s like we’re remembering we’re drinking the milk from our mother’s breast. Olga was smoking in a very specific way, not like a Greta Garbo, but that helped me a lot, because every time she felt insecure she was doing this.





Always Apocalypse All The Time


My collection of Poetry. Tremendous illustration by Becky Munich.

It is available via amazon: ALWAYS APOCALYPSE ALL THE TIME

A sample. A SINGLE!

Always Apocalypse All The Time

for Paul DiNovo

We are ruled by the moon.

Werewolves, schizoids, fools.

Dragging up and down

The coastline of our life.


No drowning season, this.

Nothing so fancy.

Just another month,

Another death

Without fanfare

Flowers or even cinders,

Another eclipse in the sky

And broken toys

Lolling in the tide.


The doll, the sword, the robot,

The spools of rope and wire,

The dead dumb crackle of

The sound and the song,

The LP, the diamond needle

Scratching, scratching,

The spinning, spinning circle.


The moon is down

And there is no hope, love,

But also no goodbye.

The eclipse approaches,

The sky lowers, the ground

Trembles. Nothing, not even

Remember, remember

Can save us…


Not the math of God

Or the motion of the planets

Will ease this grief, and

Sorrow will be our

Only supper, but

There is always a but,


Thank God for the but,

Even if we don’t know

Its name…


For within this patchwork

Quilt of guilt and dead

Bent grass of our flesh,

We will always have our

Apocalypse, always, all the

Time, never young and always

Dying, always, always,

As the half circle of the Eclipse

hangs over us, the horizon,

everything, always, here,





Why I Love 宇宙戦艦ヤマト


I know, it’s ridiculous to be in love with a cartoon. But when I was 14 years old, fucking 宇宙戦艦ヤマトsaved my life, man. It opened up everything for me. Graphic Design, Cel Animation. World War II. Japanese Culture. Japanese History. Japanese Language. How to fucking draw. How stories work. ヤマト gave me everything.




And We Are Back