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the true story of a young female mass murderer in 70s prague


Michalina Olszanska is the breakout star of a new film about the last woman to be executed in Czechoslovakia. We sat down with the actress to talk about difficulties and challenges of playing such a complex character.

Your character also smokes like crazy, in almost every scene. Was that hard for you?

Well, I smoked before but just a little – with my friends at parties. But after that fucking film, I smoke a lot now! It was a really important thing for me because I think her cigarettes are like a dummy, like a baby. My mum says that we smoke because we’re all animals and we feel safe when we’re sucking something. It’s like we’re remembering we’re drinking the milk from our mother’s breast. Olga was smoking in a very specific way, not like a Greta Garbo, but that helped me a lot, because every time she felt insecure she was doing this.




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