Ashtray Chat Love Drax



If ever an actor faced evil, death, oblivion— it was Max Von Sydow.

7th seal cropped

He played chess with Death, he was the Warrior Priest the demon feared.



He knew evil well enough to play it. Even for laughter.


I started a story about Max. It’s called…

MaxVonSydX3_new comp

I wanted those three characters, Block, Merrin, and Ming, as played by Max, to offer their thoughts on the apocalypse. Note the small “a.” As I write this, the world is currently going mad because of a virus, Corvid-19, or The Coronavirus.

I am not going mad.

Because though Max Von Sydow is no longer with us, I will relay on his examples of strength. His path through darkness, his wisdom and his fortitude. Yeah, I’m sorry Max passed this day— but I am grateful for what he has left me. So mote it be.



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