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Wall of Hats

Yesterday I learned that a lost friend passed away. We hadn’t talked for a couple of years due to bad behavior on my part. Incommunicado or not, the news of his death was nothing less than paralyzing, devastating. His life was bright and too short. Far too short.

Tom Flynn was a man who gave intense joy to all who knew him. He was the central figure to a close-knit group of friends, opening his home regularly for all-night movie fests, and more. His love of Lemmy and Motörhead was infectious, his homemade sodabread manna, his wall of hats legendary. Tom gave of himself, then gave it again. Selflessly. Heroically.

My thoughts are with those who loved him and are shattered by his loss.

Tom Flynn, 1966 – 2020.


4 replies on “Devastation”

What an awesome tribute. Perhaps the saddest aspect of Tom’s move from Woodside to Ozone Park was that his new, smaller Casa didn’t allow room for the Wall of Hats. You done him proud. Thanks.

“Incommunicado or not,” as you have put it, I actually thought about reaching out to you after I heard the news, and then Alexandra told me you had read my mind and asked if we could talk. So think of this as my de facto phone call. Shared grief over the loss, far too soon, of one whose like we shall not see again encourages one to focus on memories of happy times together, and that’s what I’m doing. –MRB

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