FICTION: “The Lost Music”


El desierto by Elena Dudina

YUKI WAS A YOUNG WOMAN who played the violin at street corners in the great city of glass and steel.

She was very poor; she depended on the coins that people dropped at her feet to buy food. Her family had told her to find a job in the great city, but Yuki loved play the violin more than anything else. She would practice for long hours, then find a quiet spot near a the yawning black arch of a subway terminal and entice the violin to sing for the people who hurried by, people who didn’t look at Yuki as she swayed in the arms of the music, her eyes closed, her lips parted. The sweep of her arm was a blur, the bow slashed and jabbed the air. The music rushed and rushed. And in Yuki’s mind, amid the haunting echoes of…

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