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GOOD EVENING MISFITS // VideoScope #114 Is In The House // Happy Birthday to Joe Kane, The Phantom of the Movies


SUPERNATURAL! What a cover! The usual great shit can be found within, including a lengthy and enlightening interview w/ MOTEL HELL director Kevin Conner; the always amusing “B” Wards; Debbie Rochon’s SPIDERS BESIDE HER; Nancy Naglin’s ART HOUSE VIDEO, The Phantom’s reviews of S. Craig Zahler’s DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE, Takashi Miike’s FIRST LOVE, and Boon Joon-Ho’s PARASITE; a profile of the photogenic Jessie Graff; and a very groovy full-page inside-back for THE WORLD THE FLESH AND THE DEVIL.


Belated Birthday wishes to the ever-mighty JOE KANE, The Phantom of The Movies.


Jesus. He’s a dead ringer for Wayne Hussey of The Mission. Rock on, Joe! \m/




That is all. Carry on and be safe out there, Doomtroopers, Survivors, and Misfits.


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