Ashtray Chat Music

GOOD EVENING MISFITS // Tangerine Dream // It’s Gonna Be That Kind of Night

Scattered rain and clouds and fog — the golden hour was grey in Gloomy Norwich, baby! Streetlights wink on. Drowsy traffic. The night falls. Quiet. Really quiet! My typically loud neighbors (and housemates) are unusually mum! I was going to segue with “and now it’s time for Tangerine Dream…” But I’m enjoying this silence. I just heard someone sneeze in the house next door. 8:45, the big church next door marks the quarter hour with sonorous bells. A UPS truck pulls up two houses away to make a delivery. It’s late for them. Somebody packed a shitty truck. Anyway.

Tangerine Dream.


And back to soundtracks,.. HOLY SHIT I FORGOT THE HIDEOUS FIRST TRACK. Start at 3:18. Just start at 3:18. Trust me. The first track is really bad.


PS it is still very quiet.

That is all. Carry on XO


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