August Has passed! September Burns, the Planet is SCREAMING and No, We Are Not Dead. Happy 9/13 BREAKAWAY, baby.

Sorry for not posting since good old dark August (8/19; to my credit I started a post on 8/26 but this new WordPress editor eats my patience and stamina with alarming savagery, man). August is a month that grips me in way similar to good old creepy October—I want to seize and suck every second out of the damn month—and then it gets away from me. I stagger through the daily exertions of the day job, exert what little Will I have on drax-centric endeavors (yes I count blathering on this little site as a drax-centric endeavour) and then I blink, and August is gone. And, now fuck me, it’s 9/13 and it seems the previous weeks have been nothing short of Lightning War, a blitzkrieg of accusations, violence, disaster…

So you’ll bear with me if I just stick w/ the Breakaway shit today. Yeah, yeah, “More later,” but I don’t want to be blinking and stumbling when October’s gone and November has descended and we’re all fucked, know what I’m saying? To arms, Doomtroopers.


Holy… something. Just learning this now. Some fan I am.

Definitely more to come.

Seriously. This sparked something. I’ve been scribbling notes for the last 30 (?) minutes. More to come. I’ll be back.

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