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ENTRY! We were pleasantly shocked by Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood. Nostalgic without tripping into sentimentality, outrageous but sidestepping the obnoxious, the enfant terrible’s 9th film is nothing less than a joy. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a fading TV star in 1969 L.A., aided and backed-up by Brad Pitt, his stunt-double, wingman, and de facto best friend. Also on hand is Margot Robbie as DiCaprio’s new neighbor, Sharon Tate(!), a very tricky maneuver that Tarantino handles with the gentle grace of a fairy tale. And hence the title. It’s a bold move but it surprisingly satisfies. Once Upon a Time delivers all the pleasure of a good novel written by a trickster who has at last revealed a tender heart.


Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood is streaming now on Amazon Prime.

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ENTRY! Thank the Gods for John Coulthart, the artist, designer, and occasional writer who dazzles us each week with his Weekend Links. This time he wakes us from our stupor with the long out of print Blade Runner Sketchbook! It was more than just flying cars, kids.


Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.39.36 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.40.33 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.41.11 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.40.52 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.40.14 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 7.48.27 AM

The Blade Runner Sketchbook is available at The Internet Archive.

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ENTRY! Kemper Norton’s new album, Brunton Calciner

Nobody does contemporary British neo-folk goth experimental better than Kemper. But don’t take my word for it, give him a listen. And while we’re talking music…

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Iron Maiden.


ENTRY! Maiden’s mastermind Steve Harris speaks to Rolling Stone!

You’re also still doing “The Number of the Beast,” which got you in hot water with the far right in America in the Eighties for its satanic imagery. How did that one come together?
It was things like watching The Omen but it was more inspired by a poem [by Robert Burns] called “Tam o’ Shanter.” I’ve just always liked reading books and watching horror films.

Full Interview HERE.




Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 7.57.10 AM

A No-Prize will be awarded to the clever being who can ID the manga.




Virgin Sacrifice

Ariel Anderssen VS The Moon





That Feeling When it is 7pm EST on a Black Monday and She is Grateful for Your Attentions


Photo credit TK.





It means: repairing a beloved book for a beloved son.



Now, THIS is More My Idea of a Christmas Morning

Music by Nox Arcana. It’s very VIY. But I think this little film freaking rules.


So Good: Best Posters


Nocturnal Emissions Duesday Edition


Mark of the Borgia (Variation 1), William Mortensen, 1927

It warms my heart that lonely (and singular!) souls find my lonely (and singular!) site in search of something that might grant them a form of transcendence. No, really—it does. I have excellent taste. I only post “good shit.” Erotic, tasteful. Respectful.


So I was intrigued when a friend recommended the work of Gary Parsons. 

“Intrigued” is probably the wrong word. More like “challenged.” Because this wasn’t “anime girls chair tied,” not a cheap hubba hubba bondage turn-on. This was challenging and troubling work.

I have known and continue to know Cutters. A few of them men. Most of them women.

It is, in my own fumbling words, intensely private, and not something done for observers. It is a physical and emotional and intensely spiritual release, that I think —I think— I understand intellectually. The pain, the release. The previously unmarred and “perfect” skin.

But damn if I want to watch a woman I love, or a man I like, fucking slice their skin open.

It is not a turn-on.

So that’s why I am more challenged than intrigued w/ Mr Parson’s work, and that is why I share it with you tonight. Because art is supposed to challenge and trouble us.

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for your listening pleasure


Ellen Rogers, “Bella 7,” from MINISTRY, September 23 2015


I bought some film in Norwich many moons ago; it was out of date, Soviet era film from Russia that somehow ended up in a local haunt of mine, this film was 40 years out of date…

I had to push these films, I worked hard on them, with bromide and homemade recipes to get even something out of them, and one roll was lost.

Ellen Rogers, MINISTRY


Une Galerie de Filles Désirables…

photo (1)

…which is laughably and intentionally pretentious but let’s face it, calling this feature ANYTHING other than “Sexy Girls” is a step up.

Je suis une mauvaise personne et je présente mes excuses à l’avance. I am an evil person and I apologize in advance. Some of the pics appearing here are uncredited. If you are the creator of such an image, I will rectify matters immédiatement and hurl myself upon the cliffs of pain. Promise.

In the future, Une Galerie de Filles Désirables will appear in my webzine ANGRY MORON because that rag needs all the class it can slurp up off the floor. Eeeyew.

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Girl_Snake_Brad Kunkle

Brad Kunkle





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Brille Petite Toile

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