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Good Evening Misfits // The Creep’s Picks for This Terrific Week


via @lancehenriksen. ALIENS opened today, July 18, 1986. We were there!


via @RealSardonicus


via @AventuraObscura. Gigan and his handler.


“Benjamin” Somebody (we tried to find proper credit). Via Pinterest. Thor faces the Midgard Serpent.


Japanese Exorcist Poster

via @DoctorWynn and @WilliamFriedkin


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Good Evening Misfits // Happy Friday // Trump Reports He Aced His Cognitive Test // Hilarity Ensues and the Tears of Sorrow Flow

Sarah Cooper. God, she’s amazing.

Happy Friday, kids. #StaySafe #BlackLivesMatter #WearAfuckingMask and keep up the fight.



Good Evening Misfits // “Resist or Perish”

America first_V

“You understand? For victory. Tell your friends.” — V, 1983, Kenneth Johnson


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GOOD EVENING MISFITS // Holy Shit, We Haven’t Posted for a Week // Ain’t Life Grand // Nick Mamatas // ALIEN Shorts // The Creep’s Rather Shameless Pic of the Week // But First…


Anato Finnstark

It’s called Imago, Third Part, but I’ve decided this painting is about the birth/emergence of a soul. That, or possibly a promo for GHOST RIDER: GOTHIC from Marvel fucking Comics. Which is not a thing. But perhaps it should be.

Related Images…


Source unknown


Artist: Mahlon Blaine

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Ain’t Life Grand?

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 9.48.35 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.21.28 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.20.37 PM

But you know. Troopers. Life CAN be grand. I firmly believe we are all participants in a major change for this country. Something seismic and long overdue. Look at this photo.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.57.13 PM

Tiana Day, 17, of San Ramon, Calif., led a march across the Golden Gate Bridge. John G Mabanglo/EPA, via Shutterstock

Look at her. That’s Gloriana Blitz, baby. Seventeen fucking years old. The world she’s about to inherit is in pretty rough shape, mate. I don’t need to find the pictures, we’re seeing it all the time every day: the pandemic, the televised execution of George Floyd, the righteous cry of ENOUGH, The Black Lives Matter Movement, the daily idiocy of the Walking-Catastrophy-in-Chief… and the insistence on hate. Man, some people love their hate. And I think a lot of them are perfectly willing to die to defend their right to hate. Young Tiana Day and friends have much to do.

We all have much to do.

There’s more to come. Personal shit and the like. But for right now…

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Nick Mamatas’ MOVE UNDER GROUND Reissued!


“Can’t say I’m crazy about the paint job…” — Robert Neville, The Omega Man. But never mind that! “The instant cult classic MOVE UNDER GROUND is back! Kerouac, Lovecraft, more!”

“Readers will be enthralled, chilled, and astonished.” — Tom Piccirilli, author of A Choir of Ill Children

Signed copies: Books Inc.

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I guess these have been around for a while. I enjoyed them for the first time the other day. They’re excellent! Some rough spots. Obviously these 3 share a common lineage and financial parenthood. I should investigate, but I’m too lazy. Enjoy!

Which brings us to…

The Creep in the Art Department’s Pic of the Week


Devin Williams Photography

Um, The Creep says “the usual hate mail can be addressed to the same useless black box, lodged as it is with several thousand gobs of spam, unmet desires, stale dreams, nicotine, and beloved books nobody reads.”

All for now, Troopers. Carry on.


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GOOD EVENING MISFITS // Father’s Day // The Expanse // Sad Trump

From yesterday:

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 8.40.28 PM

Boy, I was in a good mood. I had good reason, my Father’s Day was splendid, very chill. Which was badly needed. Had a long conversation with my beloved kids—whom I have not seen since November—and they really made me proud with their passion and sense of purpose. We talked about everything for over 90 minutes. Best present ever.


My kids also sent me a book.


There was a midday live concert from Jean-Michel Jarre. All new material. Great stuff.

I’d splurged 2 bucks for a week of Evil Amazon Prime, enabling me to watch all of THE EXPANSE Season 4. It was good! I’d heard rumblings from fans that the season was something of a non-starter, that the big arc was moved only a bit further along. That may be so, but it was 10 high-octane, well-built episodes. The characters were cornered into brutal situations that would make my beloved teeny-bopper Doomtroopers shit their pants, frankly. 4 and a half stars!


And, SAD TRUMP. Yes, I watched The-Annihilator-in-Chief’s sad, narcissistic, at times bizarre speech to his meager followers in Tulsa on Saturday, and so we were all “delighted” to mock him alighting from Marine One after his disastrous rally. Clever kids gave the video all kinds of tunes. Let’s see if I can find a good one…

Ha ha ha, I missed this one. It’s the end credit music the of 1970s Incredible Hulk TV show. Real tearjerker.

And so on.

Be well, mein kinder.





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Good Evening Misfits // “For all those wondering…”

For all those wondering, this is my daughter Stitch. We share no blood but she is my life. She came from outer space (legally, of course) eighteen years ago and lives with me in Gloomy Norwich. I am so proud of her and raising her has been the best, most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life.




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GOOD EVENING MISFITS // North Korea’s “Fuck you” // Reed Diamond + Andre Braugher + HOMICIDE // The Creep’s Best BLACK LIVES MATTER Mag Covers (So Far)

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Reed Diamond portrayed detective Mike Kellerman on Homicide, Life on the Street.

“You and I both know that human desire is kicking our ass.” Toni Lewis, Erik Dellums, the brilliant and multi-talented Clark Johnson, and Reed Diamond. This scene genuinely shocked me when first broadcast.

Uh, lookit dat, youtube automatically queues to the clip w/ Andre Braugher confronting Steve Buscemi as a racist in the box. It is something! Warning, it has the N-word.


† † †

The Creep’s Favorite BLM Magazine Covers (So far)

https _hypebeast.com_image_2020_06_kadir-nelson-creates-stirring-portrait-of-george-floyd-for-the-new-yorker-1




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That is all. More later. Carry on.


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Good Afternoon Survivors // Der Führer’s Geburtstag


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GOOD EVENING MISFITS // Tangerine Dream // It’s Gonna Be That Kind of Night

Scattered rain and clouds and fog — the golden hour was grey in Gloomy Norwich, baby! Streetlights wink on. Drowsy traffic. The night falls. Quiet. Really quiet! My typically loud neighbors (and housemates) are unusually mum! I was going to segue with “and now it’s time for Tangerine Dream…” But I’m enjoying this silence. I just heard someone sneeze in the house next door. 8:45, the big church next door marks the quarter hour with sonorous bells. A UPS truck pulls up two houses away to make a delivery. It’s late for them. Somebody packed a shitty truck. Anyway.

Tangerine Dream.


And back to soundtracks,.. HOLY SHIT I FORGOT THE HIDEOUS FIRST TRACK. Start at 3:18. Just start at 3:18. Trust me. The first track is really bad.


PS it is still very quiet.

That is all. Carry on XO


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The Creep in the Art Department’s Pic of the Week

John Everette Millais_Nuns Gravedigging

John Everett Millais, The Vale of Rest (1829 – 1896)

The runners-up:


Pretty sure this is Jim Steranko


Unknown/Uncredited / via @AventuraObscura on twitter




by @DanD2d