Ashtray Chat Music


Back soon, I hope. (Aw hell—let’s split with a song. But what shall it be?! Something funny. Hmm… ah! This is it, this is good. It’s so over the top “SAD” it’s almost riotous. You might might think me callous to ridicule sorrow… and you might be right! But sometimes if one pushes an expression of whatever one is feeling through the sound barrier and up into the stratosphere… if one can endure boiling within the very waters that threaten to drown you—why, then, nothing can hurt you. Or so it seems for a few minutes, anyway. This is a composition by Hiroshi Miyagawa. Let’s just call it Dark Star Theme EDIT: No let’s call it Lament for the Dying Folk of the Dark Star Nebula with Their Strange Cybernetic Bodies.

See you soon.

EDIT: A much, much better selection of music, a beautiful mix on 8tracks by someone calling herself Lau. No bullshit, no mockery of sorrow. It’s called “Unfamiliar Winds.”



Happy Birthday to Pal and Fellow Saboteur PAUL DiNOVO

From Paul’s brilliant NIZNIK series. One of my favorites, KER-SMASH

PAUL DiNOVO?! You’ve heard (read) that name in these haunts before, haven’t you?! Sho you have. Because he’s designed a fistful of draxian projects, including this little ditty:

And its rarely seen variant sibling edition:

And this minor masterpiece, which Paul painted more or less from scratch in photoshop:

As well as other wicked cool Drax shit that will probably never see the light of day…

But far and away beyond the Drax stuff Paul almost casually creates, there is terrifying whimsy…

And brutal self-appraisal…

And so many other pieces of wonder I’d love to share but I can’t because Paul’s shopping them. He really is a tremendous artist and designer, and I’ve been damn fucking lucky to have Paul in my corner, I’m damn fucking lucky to call him my friend. Happy Birthday, monkey.